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Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Month...

And it's that time again. The monthly update.
Wow, I can't believe August is here already.

Sales: 2!

I was looking through the news to see if there's anything nice happening lately. I could always use some good news. It's troubling then that the media mostly focuses on bad news--which can't be helped.

So...let's see...hmm.... war, terrorism, crime, debt crisis, disasters...
What the heck...gamer dies from playing games twelve hours a day? A blind woman gets choked and mugged in broad daylight? China censors information about a train crash? School bus catches on fire on the first day of school (How does that even happen)?
Yup, everything looks bad.

Meh, forget the news.

Uh...the last movie of Harry Potter came out in July.
Seeing that it was the end of an era, I thought I might as well check it out.
My thoughts on the movie? It was fine. I can't say I had high expectations. But it did its job.

I felt pretty...disappointed by the very end though. I think it said something like 19 years later, but it really looked weird. Seeing all of them wear grown-up clothing didn't really make them look older.

Anyway, the Guardian is done maybe? As always, I hope to finish it soon.
Until next time...