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Total Sales of all my Books: 211 Goal: 100000|Thank you for buying my books. If you haven't bought one, go ahead and buy a book to make my day!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Two more copies of the Judge has been sold on Amazon Kindle! YES! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

*breathes heavily* Okay...okay...I think I'm okay now. Yeah, that's really all I wanted to get off my chest.
I had almost given up on sales entirely...and speaking of sales....

SALES TIME [Official Report Edition of this may never happen again]:
2 copies of the Judge has been sold - YEAH!

Stats time:
8679 Judge -about 400? pretty stable.
9948 Awake -sooooo close to 10,000

There we go. Guardian progress: 20%

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy...Cyber...Monday? (And my ways of dealing with a Post Apocalyptic scenario)

That website's working again. And I know how much you all missed the stats from yesterday(I know, I know, nobody cares  :( ) here we go:
Judge: 8257 - Aw, now we can't compare on a day by day basis. But between the two days, about 600 up. A slow drop again? Bummer.
Awake: 9799 - almost 10,000!

Anyway, now on the pointlessness. Today is Cyber Monday! To be honest, I've never heard of cyber monday. Nobody I know has ever told me, "Hey, Happy Cyber Monday!" But then again, nobody really celebrates Black Friday either...because they're not holidays to begin with! What exactly are they if they aren't holidays? Shopping days apparently. While people storm the stores in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday, sacrificing life and limb to get GREAT savings, people just sit at home...clicking away at their computers on Cyber Monday. Convenient. Deals are okay too. I mean, sure it doesn't go as low as Black Friday, but still you might get things 40-50% off. So there you have it, another day in the guise of a holiday...only to just be a SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY(as if we haven't spent enough over the weekend) day.
Depressing for the wallet (and whatever you hold money in), but perhaps good for the economy?

And now for the main event: My ways of dealing with a post-apocalyptic world. [BACHELOR EDITION]
Picture courtesy of Fall Out 3.

You've watched them in movies. You've played them in games (pretty popular theme as you can see above). But what would you do in a post-apocalyptic world? What if computers deemed humanity as a parasite to the Earth(Matrix, Terminator, I, Robot)? What if World War 3 starts and nukes are fired all over the Earth?

Today's topic: Food. Every post-apocalyptic bachelor knows that in order to survive in such a need food(and you need food all the time)! Of course the tricky thing is not to eat food, but to acquire it. If you're smart (and perhaps a bit crazy) you'd already have stocked up on supplies regardless.

1) So...first of all: Preparation. Before the apocalypse happens (i.e. TODAY) What kind of goods would be good (...) to stock up on? We need stuff that lasts. And bachelors are the experts in this category.
a) Canned goods - spam, baked beans, soups, tuna, fruits, pasta. These are OUR food groups. You can get some pretty yummy stuff canned. Although canned vegetables are kind of...not that great. I see some good sources of protein here.
b) Cup-a-noodle, Ramen noodles - People rag on this stuff because it's mostly oil, salt and carbs. But while it may be considered kind of bad in everyday life, it's great food for surviving the p-a world. Combine it with some canned food, and you've got yourself an awesome meal! Plus, you don't even have to cook it if you're desperate and don't have time to make a fire. Just eat it raw (it tastes much better cooked).
c)  Cat/Dog food - I've never eaten it myself. But I can't see how this wouldn't be fine. Some are canned, but you've got some nice dried versions as well. Hey, you've got to survive. And it can't be too bad. Besides. You're a bachelor. Cooking or no cooking, you'll survive on anything.
d) Grains - Cereal lasts. Assuming you can't get any milk (well, I guess you could try to start a farm, but not sure how well that would turn out), you can just eat it. And it'll taste better than dog food and dried ramen.
e) Sealed food - almost like canned...except not in a can!It comes in a plastic container. Just heat up (or not) and enjoy.
f) Jarred food - Pickles? Peanut Butter? Okay, so some of those things are more of spreads for foods. But due to their edible status, I'd say..go ahead and eat a jar of peanut butter if you've got nothing else.
g) Bagged food - Potato chips for a meal? Hey, it's like eating a potato...actually, it IS eating a potato.
h) Frozen food - Wait a minute! If we don't have electricity (and a possible nuclear winter might make solar power less effective), how are we going to keep our food frozen? Simple. Go live in either the north or south pole.

2) So you've got all that yummy dog food stocked up. Now what? Let's say the world ends tomorrow (no more stats?!).  You want to save as much food as you can. The next step is to start practicing your hunting skills.
It's a dangerous world out there. Due to radiation, all creatures have become butt-ugly mutants that resemble pig fetuses. How can you tell what's good to eat? Do you go for the chicken with two heads? Or the cow with five butts? I'm assuming the laws of nature will still apply, regardless of how disfigured everything is. So here are some basic tips when hunting for food.
a) Always cook it! Be on the safe side.
b) Avoid bright colored and spotted and striped creatures
c) go more for herbivores. why? it's tradition. deers, rabbits, chickens, cows...what do they have in common? besides, if that goat is man-eating, you wouldn't want to take your chances.
d) Always test the food first - take a bite. wait a day. if you're feeling fine, that food is good to keep on hunting for.
e) keep a record of safe creatures to eat
f) make sure you have benadryl on hand. even if something isn't poisonous to eat, you never know if you'll get an allergic reaction.

Anyway, I've gone on long enough. Enjoy your Cyber Monday!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nothing Saturday

Happy Nothing Saturday, everyone! Or maybe just Happy Saturday, when the only thing to celebrate is another day of life.

Anyway, I'm sure you're all stuffed full of turkey...for days and days.
And you've probably spent all your money in hopes of saving it (that's what deals are all about!).
So while your stomachs are full and your wallets are empty, welcome back to the blog(and to the grind)!

The Holidays really haven't made much change in my downloads. Still about the same I suppose.
Judge 7620 - 400ish boost? Still good.
Awake 9464 -200ish boost? Its got legs, y'all! (Southern talk, which I'm terrible at)

We had a feast this year! 15 attended our annual Thanksgiving feast (including dogs and babies of course).
But that's bigger than normal.

To be honest I didn't get much writing done over the past two days. But I did do some story planning. The Guardian isn't exactly shaping up nicely, but I do hope, after some heavy revision, that the final product will be worth it.

Still debating whether to make the Guardian free, or just make it cheap.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Blackest of Fridays

So it's Black Friday today. Whoop-dee-doo. Okay, yeah it's not really a holiday, so I don't care much for it. Although there are some really good deals. People say it's Christmas shopping, but we all know they just want those deals for themselves :P

Anyway, my books are getting more downloads!
Judge 7227 - Over 7 thousand!
Awake 9229 - Wow, it was going so slowly before and now it broke 9000 overnight!

Still quiet though. Anyway, I hope you people enjoy your Black Friday (that's not really a holiday but I guess it kind of is?). Be sure to check out for some really awesome deals! I mostly shop amazon online, but I always check up on newegg as well (they've got some good computer parts and service).

And if you like my books, please don't forget to put up some reviews somewhere, either Amazon or Thanks.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving!

No stats again. I guess it goes down in the morning from time to time. Oh well.
Today is Thanksgiving! It's an awesome day to just give thanks...because, well, thinking about the good things in life will lift your spirits.

Just a moment ago, I smelled smoke. Something was burning! I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could and saw smoke everywhere! But now I can be thankful that I caught it on time. Crisis averted! nose still smells smoke. I think there are smoke particles or something in my nose holes. I wonder if it helps with congestion. Probably not.
So there! There's one thing to be thankful about as I wait for the smoke to clear out of the windows.

There are all sorts of things to be thankful about!

When you're okay and just living a normal thankful you don't have to endure strife!
If you're still alive and well, that's perfect and just swell!
Sure, you might not have the wealth, but who cares about that when you're in good health!
Bah, I hate rhyming.

Anyway...if you think about your troubles and your worries, you'll be grumpy and bitter.
That brings to mind Disney movies, doesn't it? Hakunamatata and the Bare necessities!

Sure, I might look at my situation and be depressed, thinking stuff like: my books will never be liked, or nobody cares even though I put all my heart and soul into these books, or I've only sold about 20something books, or why won't any agents help me get published, or why aren't there any people reviewing my books, or why are the downloads slowing down, or I can't even tell if people are even reading my books-- You get the point.

But at the same time...I look at how far I've gotten and think...who cares? I know at least like five people have read my books. And that's better than none! I've got nearly 9000 downloads on Awake! and I've only put it up a month ago! In terms of hits, it's already surpassed so many other books that came out before it! And the same goes for the Judge!

Slowly (very,very,very slowly) I'm getting exposure. A few people might actually be reading my books! So I gotta be thankful!

I'm not famous, I'm dirt poor, nobody buys my books--But who caaaaaaaaares?
It's been such a blessing to write these books. And I'll never regret doing it.
I may never hit it big time, but at least I know I gave it my all.
I'm going to do my best to finish the first trilogy of the Coranite Chronicles as fast as I can.
And then...unless some miracle happens and I get published for real...I guess I'll just move on.
And I will have greatest dream and passion in life....

EDIT: Numbers are in.

Judge 6758 - a nice boost!
Awake 8910 - yeah, this...ain't going anywhere.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Time-wasting

8811 on Awake! Will we break 9000 tomorrow? Probably not. I'd say chances are about 50/50.
And 6004 on the Judge! That's like 400 downloads.
Steadily slowing down? Or totally random?
You decide(I hate when people say that).

Thank you people for downloading my books. If you like them, please leave reviews and spread the word about them. While it's nice to get downloads, I often wonder if anyone is actually reading them.

Ugh. The sickness has returned and it's getting to me. You know the drill: sore throat, congestion. It's not too bad. Nothing a few hot showers and hot soup can't fix.
Anyway, keeping it short again today.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I don't know if I should bother taking a break or not. Probably not necessary. Breaks are useless. Must...keep...moving!

Guardian Progress: 18%
Going to slow down now. Here comes the hard part.

Maybe I'll do a little piece or something tomorrow. See ya then.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lost Tales of the Judge

8658 on awake...but...
We've hit 5600 on the Judge!
Not a bad jump if I do say so myself. Like a 500 jump in one day? And it's already been out for a while. Nice. I don't know how it happened, but who knows, maybe we're getting popular!

Anyway for today, like I said, I'd put up a bit more information on the Judge. I added a few characters to the character page and some character art. I just wish I had better art skills...or someone with art skills made their own designs, I wouldn't mind posting those up too. But most of all, today I decided to talk about what I had to cut and the changes I had to make to the Judge.

For those of you who've read the Judge, you probably know that it's a big book. It averages about 122,000 words. But at one time it was over 150,000! The only reason I cut out some parts was because it was not really necessary to the plot and I needed to keep it condensed for printing. (Plus, publishers don't like big books, so I thought I'd get a better chance of publishing it if I kept word count down. Too didn't help anything at all.)

So the first thing you'll probably notice is that I cut out the prologue. You can find the prologue on the sample chapters on the Coranite Chronicles page on the right. The prologue was the tale of the Judges, intended to set the mood for the story. It is canon, part of the main story as well. But it takes place thousands of years in the past. The first Judges were not assassins who hunted criminals. In those turbulent times, all the nations were at war. They were powerful warriors who fought to protect their small nation. This elite twelve could slay entire armies in order to keep their king safe.

The next thing I cut out was the first meeting between Darek, Azura, and Sorren. In their first meeting, Sorren and his companions, Windzer and Hortmel, actually found Darek and Azura in the abandoned city. Darek was still attacked by Thedes. However, when Thedes discovered Windzer approaching, they quickly retreated. This first meeting was not as simple as falling into a river. It was much crazier!
A giant storm passed overhead, causing a giant flood with waters that rose over thirty feet high! The group tried to hide in a house...until they realized just how bad the storm was, as it flooded straight through the windows, filling up the house. They were washed by the flood and ended up in a small empty village where Rathos took care of them until they needed to dive into a waterfall in order to reach the hidden cave where the Mansion was.

The other big thing I cut out was a small adventure that Darek and the others had when they in the desert. While they were in the desert, they stopped by a small oasis to freshen up and look for animals to ride upon. They waited in the sand, hiding themselves from view. But when Darek gets up to give Thedes a piece of his mind, he finds himself surrounded by large, upright lizard creatures. The lizards carry him away, taking him into some secret lair of an insane immortal who lives there. They throw Darek into a pit that he can't escape from. Sorren and the others go to help him. But Azura falls down there too. While Sorren goes to look for a piece of rope or any other solution, he comes upon a water reservoir and cracks it open, sending a surge of water across the lair, sweeping Darek and Azura out of the pit. Sorren also steals the map of the immortal so that they can traverse the desert by going from oasis to oasis.

I feel like I probably cut some other stuff out, but that's all I can remember for now.

Guardian progress: 15%

Monday, November 22, 2010

Have at thee, sickness! I spit in thine face!

A late post today. Normally I try to just make a post in the morning, but today was a bit different because I felt a bit sick in the morning. But it's gone now, I think. I don't like to take medicine for sickness because I feel that medicine inhibits the body from doing its duty...and thus you'll be sick longer (that's what I think, but feel free to disagree). So I just gave it the full natural force of anti-sickness: herbs, hot tea, nap, hot (and spicy) soup, water, weird concoction of orange mush of only-God-knows-what, some prayer. And now I'm fine and it's back to business.

So...once again, just a few reminders. I was thinking of doing that contest thingy to promote my books. It's going to start in December and I'll make a full announcement of rules and everything then. Next, downloads:
So, we did it! We reached 5000! Woohoo! Yay! Yes! Yah! Yatta! Hurray! Wonderful! Spectacular! Awesome! Amazing! Super cool! Super everything!

The Guardian (Coranite Chronicles Sequel) Progress: 10%.

For those of you new here, check in everyday for more stats, updates, and everything. I might put up some more information on the Judge. But that'll be for another day. MAYBE TOMORROW.
And as always, if you've got any questions, comments, just put them on up. I'll try to reply to everything. Thanks for visiting and have another super awesome day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Beautiful Sunday

I'm taking it easy today, as every Sunday. In case you missed the announcement (THAT'S IN GIANT LETTERS BELOW THIS POST!) I'm MAKING THE SEQUEL TO THE JUDGE! I'll see how fast I can finish it. I'm going to full speed and hopefully it'll be done by January.

In the meantime, I was thinking of doing a little...contest thing? Maybe not really a contest. I don't know the word for it. Anyway, here is the situation: NOBODY(well, almost nobody...very close to nobody) KNOWS ABOUT MY BOOKS. And that's where you guys come in (if there are any of you out there. or maybe I'm just imagining things)). I need you guys to help spread the word. And what better way to do it with a little incentive?

So...I was thinking about this contest thing. Basically, I'm assuming you've read one or two of my books. If you have done so, I'm going to do this thing, where, if you help put a review of my book on amazon, OR add my book to something like Shelfari and make a comment about what you think of it, then I'll enter you in a drawing. And if you win, I'll send you a paperback copy of your choice of either Awake or The Judge. Of course this is only for US, because dealing with shipping elsewhere will be trouble.

So...what do you guys think of this idea? Sounds easy right? Simply just give me an honest review(you don't have to give it 5 stars...but I'm assuming that if you want a liked the book) on a public site like Amazon or Shelfari...and I'll enter you in. Anyone interested? If you're interested please leave a comment below. I'll only do it if we can get a total of 10 entries (one per household).

And before I close out: STATS!
No sales, as usual=SUPER SAD PANDA.


Judge: 4676 (getting closer to 5000!)
Awake: 8485 (10000 on the other hand...)

So yeah. Here's my super encouraging speech of the day:
Have a super awesome day, everyone! I hope today will be great for you and that you'll enjoy life more and more as time goes on. If you're in a bad time (and we all know those will come), I wish you the best and hope you cope with any struggles or difficulties you may come across. If you're feeling down, REJOICE, because life ain't over yet...and around every corner is a brand new start...just waiting for you to take the chance.
Why should only holidays be joyful and celebrated?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


You'll never guess what happened!
I was going to check Free-Ebooks today to see how the situation was...
And it's DOWN. The website doesn't load! It was working fine yesterday.
I never thought it could go down. But there we have it.
Maybe it's maintenance. Or maybe they had some bad natural disaster at the server.
Whatever it we have no stats to check!
Well, this sucks. don't know what to do...
I mean...STATS were everything! And now...without STATS...uh...uh...

Today is Saturday, and, um, it's a not so beautiful day. It's okay.

You know what? I guess I'll make my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Before I do, some kind words for you people out there:
Thank you for checking out my blog, for downloading my books(perhaps reading them too), for reviewing or commenting on websites, and for those of you who bought my books--Thank you so much!

As you probably know, I don't really have any marketing push(requires MOOLA). And I'm not really sure how enjoyable my books are. But I do hope everyone is enjoying them and...just spread the word. I need all the exposure I can get.

Right now, I decided to make a change of focus. I'm trying to get S3 published, but it's been difficult. And in the meantime, I decided to continue working on the sequel to the Judge.
That's Right! Lemme spell it out for those who skim through:


I know I said that I would finish it if I got the sales, but now I figure I might as well get it over with.
The sequel to the Judge will not be free (sorry for those of you who only go for free stuff...but I would like to get paid for this work).

However, I know that my books were planned for 9. But since not many people really care about Coranite's really not feasible to keep on writing. And so...this sequel to the Judge, which I call the Guardian,...will probably be the last book in the series(And sadly, it will end on a REALLY crazy cliff hanger. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.).

Unless there's suddenly a surge of interest over my books(and people start buying my books), I really don't think I have the motivation to continue writing. I guess...Coranite Chronicles...will be one of those bittersweet things. I was glad to be able to put it out for people to read. But it's kind of sad to see that even if it is free...there's just not much interest in it. Oh well...
While this may be bad news to some (mostly me), let's turn this Sorrow into JOY!

Keep a close watch on this blog as I desperately write like my life depends on it! I'll give updates on how I'm doing with the sequel and I might even throw in a few teaser chapters for those of you folks who really care! I'm also thinking of running a few contests. I have some old copies of the Judge that I need to get rid of (You're not taking my only copy of Awake though :P).

So now, here we go!
Current Progress on the Guardian: 6%
Partial Editing Phase.
Let's see how fast we can get through this!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Confessions of a Serial Spider Killer

Good morning, everyone. Our current situation is...strange.
The Judge got one favorable review. However, downloads seem to be slowing down.
Yeah, it had to slow down sometime...but it's only been a day! And too many youtube videos takes a while to load. Maybe I'll keep those videos to a minimum.
Status (because we know you all love numbers):
Judge: 3549
Awake: 8319

I think Awake got more downloads because it was closer to Halloween(and somehow it seemed Hallo[WEENY]!). But it seems more people prefer The Judge, which should be right...I Coranite Chronicles is my main series. Awake was more of an experiment.

Well...let's continue with the main event in a piece I'd like to call:

I hate bugs in general. There was the invasion of which an army of ants stormed my room to escape a deadly flood. Perhaps retribution for all those years that I pretended to be their dictator (I was terrible at it. I punished them with the garden hose when they refused to obey me. And rewarded them with sugar when they were good.) At first ants were only minions to serve. But then they turned on me...and I'll never, NEVER look at an ant the same again. You don't know the TERROR of waking up...and all around...ANTS, ANTS, ANTS! Ants in your drawers! Ants in your pants! Ants on your bed! Ants on your window(well...maybe that's not really much of an issue)!

But I digress(don't we all?).

And then there was the infestation of which a hungry horde of moths lived inside our cereals! YUCK! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! And no matter how many you kill...THEY KEEP COMING BACK! The madness wouldn't end. Every morning I'd wake up...and see them...the little evil monsters that hung upon the ceiling, taunting and taunting...! They'd lay eggs in the cereal and let the larva hatch and eat and cocoonify (I don't think that's a word) and THEN SPROUT WINGS AND FLY TO THE HEAVENS WHERE I CAN WATCH IN HORROR AND PLOT THEIR DEMISE--

But I digress again(sorry about that).

Ugh...why I am talking about bugs? I don't know. I hate them so much. Just sitting here typing this makes my blood boil.

So perhaps there is regret...when in the end...I am also...A CEREA--SERIAL SPIDER KILLER! After all, don't they teach you when you're young to love spiders(is that true? I don't know.)? Spiders are your friends. They eat bugs. But...aren't they bugs themselves? Other things...perhaps cuter bugs too! Like bats(I think bats are cute). Or...well forget about that. Anyway, here's my random(very fake and crappy) speech:

"Ah, dost thou hear that? I do not. No, we hear not. For they are not to be heard."

"I see it, I see it. The blackest, vilest monster to roam the recesses of this great hall. The shelters them. The unveils them! Shine your light, o' weary man--lest you fall prey to their threads of deceit and villainy!"

"O' vile creature...a thorn in my heart...why dost thou seek my hatred? why dost thou enrage my soul! O' my soul within cannot bear the very image...of you...the dark ones who creep in the night, who make there homes to ensnare.

"O' blood sucker...a dagger in my own mad thoughts...why dost thou stir my wrath? I do not hate thee...vile creature, for the greatest hate is for thine image. Leave! Begone! O' despised one, Begone! And you shall live to see another fair, beautiful day. If thou remains...your guts...your blood...THEY SHALL BE SMITED!"

Well...that was weird.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Day...Another...Email?

All right...uh...just a quick update on things. Free-Ebooks put my book on the newsletter email thingamabob. That's right! We can only hope that the effects are just as great.
Right now we're up to:
Judge: 2312 (Let's see if we can break 5000 in a couple of days!)


Were you expecting something better? I'm not going to bother with a piece today. So I'll just give you random Youtube vids!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Time Has Finally Come!

Do do do do...oh that laser-blasted Keyboard Cat. It's been over a day and I still can't get that infernal song out of my head.

Anyway, hey, you lovely/handsome denizens of the Internet! How [are] you all doing today? You may be wondering why the title of today's blog post is: THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME (dun dun duuuuun)!
It's because has finally put my book in the spotlight. I've had my book out for how long? I don't know. I think it's been maybe a week or so. I thought they'd never get around to it. But here it is!

Now...if you were around during the ancient days of when Awake first went free (it was a couple of weeks ago)...Awake was sloooooooowly (slowly,slowly,slowly) getting downloads until one day they put Awake on the Halloween Edition of the newsletter... andwegotafrigginexplosionofdownloadsofepicproportions!!!
It went from like...a couple of over FIVE THOUSAAAAND! It was crazy. Crazy, I tell ya.

Now...the Judge has been going very slowly....and well, the boost isn't much(I guess the newsletter is just more effective), but it's still good. So...yeah, it's time to begin the overly optimistic wishing. Rally yourselves as we wait for the results of boost. At the moment:
Not bad, eh? Much better than SEVEN(first day results, no joke). I hope we don't get knocked out the spotlight soon.

And lastly, some news. As you can see I made a few more additions to the site. I changed my Facebook page into Coranite Chronicles because that's what I'm focusing on now. And I put a little "You-likey?" box on the side. If you want to help out with my plans for world domina--I mean, uh, just spread the word.
And as usual, if you have any questions or comments about anything, you can just leave it here on my blog/forum, I'll try to reply in a timely manner. I do check the other sites as well like feedbooks and However, doesn't really allow me to comment on other comments, so that's a bummer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Ways to Brighten Your Day

Here at CC, we (and by "we," I mean "I." But "we" sounds better.) understand that life isn't always that great. Some days are better than others. But at this blog, we try to keep things happy and fun! Because everything else in the world pretty much tries to get you down. So forget the world and enjoy your time here!
Here's a piece for all of you that are tired, depressed, and just not enjoying yourself.

1) Random Youtube Videos of ALL SMILES - The Cool Cat DUO. Piano Cat vs. Keyboard Cat

2) Nice News of the Day - Let's face it, people, news is mostly bad. So when we finally see something good for a change, let's HIGHLIGHT IT! So today it was announced that President Obama wrote a kid's book for his daughters...and is selling it for charity! Awww...isn't that sweet? Now I know what some of you are thinking: "WHAT IS THAT GUY DOING WITH HIS TIME AND OUR TAX DOLLARSSSSS?"
But rest assured, he wrote this book before stepping into office. And whatever your stance is on his presidency, just don't forget, he's human like the rest of us. You can hate how he's doing his job, but don't be hating on everything. Don't hate. Be happy.

3) And...for the grand finale...STATUS REPORT--just kidding (well, still gonna include it)
For real this time: Random Image from the Internet! There are lots of weird, funny pictures on the Internet. So let's just check one out today, shall we?


And last and still least...Status Report:
No sales. *tears fall*
The Judge: 243! Moving up!
Enjoy your day peeps, and don't forget: we're living for a better tomorrow!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In opposite world...the mirror doesn't reflect you...YOU REFLECT THE MIRROR (Opposite world's starting to sound a lot like Soviet Russia).
I figured it'd be easier to interpret a bad drawing through straight lines rather than mouse-scribble.

Anyway, forget opposite world. Today I will tell you all about a fantasy story I imagined while I was growing up in a segment I'd like to call: REJECTED STORY IDEAS!!!111!!!111!!!
So...when I was in middle school...I made up this really stupid story. Basically it starts off with this kid that falls into a hole at a construction site. It was a portal into another weird fantasy world. While he's there, some crazy woman, dressed as an office lady, turns out to be a powerful wizard(ess?) and tries to roast the poor soul with classic fire balls. Then some dude on a staff flies into the sky and, spinning the staff around like a fan, deflects the fire balls..and then disappears.

I'm not going to go into too much detail. But here we go with the super-fast-very-shortened edition!
So the kid (we'll call him Cole...'cause that's what everybody calls him)finds out he's the CHOSEN ONE(WHOA! SHOCKER!) and begins a quest to destroy the dark lord that terrorized the land. He meets a cute girl (WHOA! DOUBLE SHOCKER!) and starts looking for other companions to join him. He finds a lightning sword (WHOA! A REAL SHOC--never got old fast) and uses that to toast up all the monsters. Then, with all his companions, he flies into the castle in the sky and launches and all-out order to DESTROY EVIL!

He thinks all is fine and dandy, and so he goes back home after celebrating the victory. However, as he begins to readjust to normal life...monsters start arriving all over the world! A portal was opened from the fantasy world...and the master of the dark lord has come back to GET HIS REVENGE! The world is overwhelmed as monsters begin destroying everything...and even the armies of the world cannot win against the might of the horde. But Cole won't let this go down without a fight! Picking up his lightning sword once again, Cole rallies his friends from the other world and begins the next world-destroying war. He manages to save some armies from being destroyed and begins to build an army of his own. After rescuing a group of scientists from annihilation, Cole gets his hands on an experimental laser cannon and protective mechanized suit. He has his army mass produce this equipment and uses these super soldiers to clear the way to the master dark lord's lair. And then him up.

To be continued! (Or not...)

In the Opposite World...

As I go deeper and deeper into insanity, I shall create a new short segment, which I call: Opposite World.

You know how some people say, "It's opposite day!" just to tick you off by being totally unfair and screwing up all the natural laws and rules that we adhere to? opposite world...every day is opposite day!

In the Opposite World...
Men are women and women are men--wait...WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sun of the Beach

All right. Now this is getting awkward. What is going on here?
Just yesterday I was pretty sure no one was visiting this blog.
Now...I'm flabbergasted (do people really say that?).
Ah, who cares. I'll continue with my usual waste-of-time blog posts.
Current Sales status: No Change. :( :( :(
Current downloads: We've hit 100 on the Judge! WOW...sloooow.
Getting 7600 downloads on Awake now seems like a complete miracle.

I guess I'll do a personal top ten list for today.
(People like top ten lists...or so I've heard. Everybody's doing it.)
So here are my top ten common words that sound weird when I think about it:

10) Wow - Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way. But I imagine Wow to have an extra sound to it. Wow(ooo?) Not an "oh" sound but an "oo" sound...or maybe "uu"? Wowuu? Wowuu? Uh...Okay, time to move on.

9) Titular - People use this a lot, online. I'm just glad this word isn't all that common in everyday life.

8) Menial - Eeny, meeny, miney, mo? Catch the tiger--okay, that's enough of that. Menial sounds mean (Neal?).

7) Penalize (see 9 for related awkwardness) - Granted, there are two ways of saying this word. But I will always remember the way my teacher used to say it. "PEENALIZE! YOU'LL BE PEENALIZED!" God bless him.

6) Shampoo - There's perhaps a trend forming here. Soap's okay. Lotion's all right. Conditioner sounds a bit...mechanical, but he's fine too. Body wash is...simple. But shampoo? I really should look up the etymology for this one. Well...regardless, some days I'll just take a bottle of shampoo and stare at it. And then I think to myself...why...why shampoo? Sham...poo? Sham...poo? Shams are poo? Shamu? Does Shamu use Shampoo?

Speaking of killer whales: Hmm...they say dolphins and whales are mammals, right? Aside from hair/fur a requirement for mammals too? Do dolphins have (tiny) hair? I need to google this. But at the same time...I don't care that much about it. I want to know...but I'm not dying to know(and I'm kinda lazy) maybe it's best to just leave it up to the wonderful world of imagination.

Oh gosh...maybe I should've just left this as a top 5 instead. This is killing me. Yeah. I think I'll just end it there.

Have a good Sunday everyone. And don't...don't bother saying Sun of the Beach out loud.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whateverization: Open Windows

For today I figured I'd do something different for a change...although I do do (oops?) something different every day.
And so...I shall call this new blog post: Whateverization! It used to be Whateverzitation...but I think Whateverization has a better ring to it.

It's Whateverization and it's [not] sweeping the nation!

Here at CC, we're always quick to make up words that make no sense.
And here's today's fake word of the day: Whateverization.
It's like Whateverizing...but with a tasty "zation."

*waits around in absolute silence*
A-hem...sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself....

Anyway, for today's Whateverization: Open Windows.
Well, maybe not OPEN windows.
What's the word? Not blinded? Revealing? Scantily Clad?
You get the point. Windows let in light. It brightens your day. Ah, but there is a catch. For you see...Windows (Why am I capitalizing it?) are TWO WAYS. You can look out...but others--*shudders*--can look in. You think you're peeking at random strangers through the privacy of your own home...but the same is also true!
So says the wise man of the east(coast)--
"Ah, what a predicament. Ah, what a problem. Whatever shall I do? How can I change in broad daylight? How can I pick my nose without the world and google maps knowing?"

Here are some tips to dealing with this conundrum:
1) Cover windows when you need to - Here's the most logical method. You can cover up your windows! Be it with trees, bushes or other vegetation...or perhaps a less organic way through the use of blankets, blinds, dresser/drawer, etc. However, this is really not all that practical. Unveil, cover, unveil, cover. It's a vicious cycle. Especially if you pick your nose often.

2) Stare back at people - Give them the ol' I'M-WATCHING-YOU-SO-STOP-WATCHING-ME stare. Make'em feel uncomfortable. Might work if your street is in an empty suburban/rural area. It's more effective one on one. Otherwise, you'll be stuck there for hours staring at people who could care less about you.

3) Ignore everyone - This is the laid back approach. You them. You, like, don't do anything and just go about your day. I can't really explain this one as it's pretty self-explanatory. And yeah...not really a solution either.

And there we have it! I hope you (the only person who reads this blog) learned something today. Lemme put up a quick picture to illustrate my point. Blogs look nicer with pictures don't they? But it's too bad that I don't have a I'll just have to use MSPaint. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Here we go again...

Here we go other book is now up on

If you enjoyed Awake...I think you'll enjoy the Judge as well. Although they are different, my style remains. And...let's begin the slow countdown once AGAIN!
As of this VERY moment, we have 7 downloads! WOOHOO! YEAAAAAH!
We'll start with the same goal. 5000. What will happen when we reach 5000? Another book? Probably not. It's not that I don't want to keep throwing out these books...but it's more like I don't have any left...
Low sales, zero fanbase, low motivation...spells: no more books.
Oh man...must not get depressed!


7400 downloads on Awake. We're tiptoeing all the way now. I've decided to keep at S3, polishing it and revising the materials. So favorable replies from the agents. I'm trying to stay optimistic...but *sigh*
Sometimes I wonder if maybe my stories just aren't interesting enough. Well, there is a LOT of competition out there. Even putting out my books for free doesn't seem to draw any attention. It's like pitting a little itty bitty ant against the biggest dinosaur that ever lived.

Bah hum buggy, buggy, buggy. :( :( :(

Oh Welch's grape juice (not a fan...).
And now...for the MAIN EVENT!

So...once again I've forgot where I last was. But that's okay. Right? I've probably beat that stuffed toy horse to death (keeping it clean) anyway.

When I first started drawing up the concept for the JUDGE, it wasn't for a novel. It was for a graphic novel. I wanted to DRAW the JUDGE and enter it into some tokyopop competition. For eight (EIGHT!) years I trained myself to draw. I was not born or gifted with any artistic talents. Still, I really, truly desired to create a story...and it was either books or comics. And I preferred visuals.

Day after day, night after night, class after and training (I couldn't write legible notes in class anyway). I studied the world around me, I mimicked art styles...I cramped my hands...until I could finally draw something that I was...really not all that proud of....


Desire...passion...all that fueled me...was extinguished when the grim reality of my predicament struck me down with its bare, bloody fists.

All I was left with...was a concept. THE JUDGE. The assassins of justice! People who could appear at any moment, silencing villains without anyone knowing, purging this universe of EVIL. But I had no way of bringing it to life...

*sigh* and *sigh again*

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen--oh forget it...I'm not breaking into a song.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Uploading to new websites

I had no idea there were so many ebook publishing websites out there! I'm going to try to put my books all over the place. All of this is wearing me down, but I might as well give them all a try.


There's a little bird outside my window.
Anyway, I thought I'd start a new segment.
Gotta keep this blog as random as possible.
I thought I'd put up some drawings.
But today is a bit different. I'm just going to put up some of my artwork.
Just because it's there. Here's a picture of Sorren.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ways to Support the Cause

I know it's been pretty quiet here (so quiet even crickets dare not chirp), but I'll just keep on posting anyway!

As you (whoever you are) probably know, my books aren't very popular. I've just been trying various little ways to get the word out there. But apparently it's not too effective. That's why I need your help (whoever you are)! Even if you can't or won't buy a book, you can still help (whoever you are)!

Here are some simple ways to SUPPORT THE CAUSE:
1) Tell people about it/Pass on a copy of a book
2) Give reviews. You can do that on Amazon, on the Free-Ebooks site, on your own site/blog, or even something like Shelfari.
3) Post recommendations on message boards.
4) Twitter? Okay, so I don't really know how this one works. But try a hash tag. Whenever you make a new Tweet, just tag on #coranite
In fact, I think I'll go do that right now.
5) There is no five. HA.

And that's all for today. Until next time, random denizens of the Internet...HAPPY WHATEVER!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And it's here!

As promised, I have uploaded the first book of my Epic Sci-fi/Fantasy series...The Coranite Chronicles! You can get it right off the downloads page. I'll be working to put it up on Free-Ebooks as well since I can get more exposure there. And (never forget) you can still buy them on this page.

If you enjoy them and want to see a sequel, just buy them up!

And if you're wondering what happened to Faerie Epoch...well, it's hard to keep writing it when there's not much support/readership.'s on...uh...what's it called...whatever. It's postponed indefinitely(whatever that means).

Coco's First Episodo?

Conando has finally had his premiere episode of his new show: Conan!
It was a good first episode and it's really just an eye-opening experience to see him back again on TV. I'm a huge fan of his show and his style of comedy. And it's such a relief that he's back. Seriously, I don't watch much TV at all...and this is one of the few shows I do watch. The problem? I don't have cable. But that's just fine because they put the full episode up on the website! I'll now have one more smile to add to my everyday life.

As for our current situation.

Sales of the Judge have returned to normal (in other words...not really selling? *SAD FACE*).

Oh well, October was our best month in months. Thank you people who have bought my books on Kindle. You guys are THE BEST AND THE SUPER AWESOMEST. I'll flatter you all 'til the day I keep buying!

Downloads on free-ebooks have broken the 7100 barrier. Our next goal is 10,000! So if you like it, please recommend it to all the people you think would like that kind of book.

And finally, if you remember a while back, I said that if we reached 5000 downloads I'd put up the Judge for free? Well here we go! I'm going to put it up on this site first. I've decided to just call it Coranite Chronicles for now because the main title might throw some people off. It's a fantasy series with some sci-fi elements. And calling it "THE JUDGE" doesn't really have that kind of feel. I mean, the title makes sense for the story, but for those who judge(haha) a book by its title or cover, it'll be a hard sell. So HERE WE GOOOOOOOO! Coranite Chronicles for free! Of course buying the books will not be in vain because I need YOUR support if I want to keep on writing. So don't hesitate to grab a copy any way you can (and if you know me personally I got a few paperback copies left that I need to get rid of).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Process Part 3

Broken News: One more sale of the Judge! It's taking a while, but we're moving on up!
Broke 6000 downloads of Awake on Free-Ebooks! Once again, if you want me to just make random posts, just buy my books! They're on Kindle!

Now...for the main event...

Okay, it's been a while. So, I forgot what I was talking about. And I'm not going to go back to read my posts and continue that. If you REALLY want to know the WHOLE story, you can tell me and I'll think about it. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time.

When I first decided to write the Judge...I knew nothing about reading or writing. I mean, sure, I used to write out reports and stuff for school, but that was it. Writing a story was foreign to me.

I pulled out some old books from when I was a tiny little...thing and began to read. It was a painful process. I kid you not. I had to learn everything from scratch. I'm not going to talk about the little details. Let's just say that it took me about a week of analyzing writing styles to understand the basics of writing: sentence structure, grammar, dialogue etc.
I discovered that most people wrote differently. And that made things even more painful, as I tried to understand why people wrote the way they did.

While I was doing this, however, I finally decided to read Harry Potter. And then came the understanding. I liked the Harry Potter series. If you've read my previous blog posts, you'd understand that I didn't like to read. But upon reading Harry Potter, I finally understood why I didn't like to read: I didn't like the stories! I was extremely picky. In fact, one of the books that turned me off of reading was a series called Chronicles of Narnia. You may like Narnia, and that's perfectly fine. But I like it when books are nice and simple and easy and fun. I never thought that books could be like Harry Potter. It was just...pure entertainment.

After picking up books here and there, I realized that most books are just not interesting to me. That is my mind...I knew I had one thing left to do. I had to write a book that I would enjoy reading....

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Moment


Well, we hit our goal a while back. So I'm just going to go over some things and then I'm going to put the Judge up.

Thanks, everyone!