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Total Sales of all my Books: 211 Goal: 100000|Thank you for buying my books. If you haven't bought one, go ahead and buy a book to make my day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, I said I wouldn't really do it, but I figure I might as well do it once in a while. There hasn't really been much news lately, aside from...all the crazy world news going on (massive earthquakes, devastation, mysterious disappearances/deaths of animals, wars/revolutions/unrest in the middle east, etc. ).'s back to our little insignificant news that few people care about:

We've broken over 26,000 downloads on Free-Ebooks. As always, IT'S OVER 9,000!
We've got 3 more sales on our books, bringing us to a grand total of 53 books sold! That's almost 100(well, not really)! Thank you, thank you, thank you (3 for 3) for buying. I don't think I'll ever reach the top 100 best sellers on the kindle store at this rate, but it's nice to know you guys/gals care.   :D

Oh, speaking of best sellers. Let's include those rankings here too!

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #56,402 Paid in Kindle Store --this is for The Judge.
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #179,060 Paid in Kindle Store --this is for Awake.

Surprising, isn't it? I mean, the difference in sales between these two books is probably like...5-10 books or something. Wow, so every book sale is like a 10,000 rank jump? Insane! But...still kind of depressing too. 56,000? I mean...that's a loooooooooong way from top 100. And if you aren't in the top the heck are people going to know you exist? I'm still hoping for some random super sudden surge of sales! Still hasn't come yet. But, hey, you never know. Crazy things can happen!

And yes, I'm still working on the Guardian(2nd book of Coranite). We are still alive.

But it's taking a lot longer than I expected. I've still got tons of things to work out. I want to make this book as good as it can be, and address some of the issues and concerns that some people complain about.

I've been pitching my other book around, but it looks like no takers. Oh well, just going to keep trying until every last one is complete.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The devastation continues...

Just when you thought things would be looks like Japan still has trouble ahead. After suffering a massive earthquake AND hundreds of powerful aftershocks AND a their nuclear reactors are acting up. On top of all those problems, people have lost homes, a lot more are still without power, people are still missing, and the economy (which was never that great to begin with) is going to suffer even more. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be living there right now. I hope they can recover from this.

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Earthquake in Japan

Can you believe it? 8.9! The images of it are quite horrific. Looks pretty much like a disaster movie, except real of course. I hope the people there are all right. It sounds like it'd be quite a tragedy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

First sale of the month!

Another month has come and gone...and we finally have our first sales (two sales) of the month!
Hey, it's better than nothing. :)

That brings our grand total up to 48!  I can't believe sales are still crawling along.
Another unbelievable fact? One of those sales was actually a PAPERBACK. In fact, it was the first ever paperback sold of Awake! Wow! To be honest, paperbacks really haven't all. So...whoever bought that are very special (in a good way of course). That is just amazing. I don't even check the paperback sales anymore because no one buys them...but BAM--there it is! Our first paperback sale of Awake!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Hong Kong Talk

I've been down in the dumps lately (so bad you wouldn't believe) so I've decided to try to forget about my troubles, if only for a moment, by talking more about my trip to Hong Kong.

What did I do in Hong Kong besides walk endlessly through the streets in order to reach my destinations?

We did do a bit of sightseeing, but honestly, as I'm very weird, I'm not the type to care for sightseeing (I really don't care for traveling either). But since I was there I figured I might as well. That's what tourists do, right? Beyond seeing all the stores, restaurants and dark, dirty, damp, scary back alleys, we visited a few of the simple tourist traps.

We're here!
The first place we stopped by was the Avenue of Stars. It's basically like Hollywood's Walk of Fame, except it's by a harbor. You can see Hong Kong island from the place and I'm sure it's quite beautiful...when it's not rainy,  cloudy, or foggy. Not much to do there. Very much the definition of sight see. You just see the sight. And that's it. There were a few stores readily available to take your money, but I certainly didn't feel like visiting them. It didn't look like anyone bothered to visit the stores, but I'm sure some (touristy type) people care about buying...that stuff. So yeah...walked around, looked at stars on the floor with the names of...stars, and gazed at some of their statues and monuments.

Look! That's Hong Kong island behind Bruce Lee--either that or a humpback whale.

All three of us forgot to turn off the stupid flash.
The other place we went to was the Museum of Science. I've been to the museum of natural history a long time ago (and don't remember anything) but I've very rarely visited museums in my life time. I thought it'd be interesting to see what a Hong Kong museum was like, but I was sorely disappointed. Okay, I did enjoy it a bit, but overall, I was expecting something more...grand. Perhaps I went to the wrong museum, or perhaps museums aren't HK's specialty, but whatever it was, it just seemed a little too basic for me. Also, I've noticed lots of schools doing field trips to the I guess it was designed to cater more toward school kids in their undying thirst for knowledge. It did seem like a fun place to take kids. The highlight of the experience would have to be the mirrors. I really liked the visual effects that they've made with the mirrors. It was really cool to see what can be done by just manipulating the positions of mirrors.

Are pictures allowed in here? Well...too late.
I'm not sure if we went to other places (my memory is a blur by now), but I'll dive into my next subject at a later time.