Current Sales Report

Total Sales of all my Books: 211 Goal: 100000|Thank you for buying my books. If you haven't bought one, go ahead and buy a book to make my day!

About the Author

Hello World! I decided to make this more personal. I was born on Long Island, New York and lived there for a really long time. Ever since I was young, I always had a love of stories. To be honest, I actually dislike writing in general, but when it comes to writing my own stories, I love it. I wish for everyone to just read, relax and enjoy. Inwardly I'm strange. Outwardly I'm quiet and expressionless(unless you know me REALLY well...then I'm strange outwardly too!).
I write books to change the world by bringing stories of fun, friendship, hope and victory.
I have a black Labrador named Midna(from you-know-what) who always keep me company when I'm feeling down.
I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

There you have it. But I'm sure you guys/gals are much more interested in the stories I have to tell, so check around the blog to see what I've got available and what's coming up next!