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About S3: A Smack in Time


Stanley’s greatest accomplishment in life is wasting an entire summer doing nothing. It’s odd then that after his thirteenth birthday he’s been chosen to be the next time-traveling secret agent for the Alter Struggle, a clandestine group that travels back and forth through time to prevent Earth’s deadliest disasters. It may sound cool, but there’s one problem: After saving the world thousands of times, all their other agents are dead or MIA. Stanley is not just their next agent—he’s their only agent.

Armed with an overactive imagination and a couple of witty remarks, Stanley must protect a scientist on the verge of completing research vital to the survival of the planet. However, he soon discovers that the hero business is not all it’s cracked up to be. The pay? Lousy. The thanks? Nonexistent. The girls? Well, there’s Karen, his crush from school, but she seems to want nothing more than to put a bullet through his head. She’s not playing around either, what with her being an elite teenage assassin and all.

Now it’s all up to the kid who can’t get straight A’s and always gets picked last in gym class to defeat the shadow government in control of the world. And he’s only got one week before everything goes to hell. Lucky him.

S3: A SMACK IN TIME is a comedy adventure for young adults. Packed with humor, quirky characters and action, this tongue-in-cheek spy novel will appeal to anyone looking for some fun.