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About Coranite Chronicles

The Coranite Chronicles is a sci-fi/fantasy series for young adults. It is planned for nine books. But currently only two books have been completed.

If you are interested in the Coranite Chronicles, you can read samples here:
The Judge Sample
The Guardian Sample

-General Information-
    *Main Characters

The nine books planned are as follows:
1) The Judge - After being framed, Darek escapes to a dangerous world with no escape. There he finds hope and friends in a time of crisis.
2) The Guardian - An insidious plot within the Federation stirs up war against the Guardians.
3) The Immortal - The greatest of enemies put aside their differences to save the galaxy from a terrible evil.
4) The Hero - Darek has disappeared and the galaxy is in chaos.
5) The Assassin - Sorren's past comes back to haunt him.
6) The Anarchist - Sorren seeks the aid of Anarchists for a special mission.
7) The King - Azura dives into the past in order to uncover the secrets of the first Judges.
8) The Coranite - The galaxy is united in peace...but the end of the war is far from over.
9) The Core - The final battle of good and evil.

They are separated into three trilogies, each focusing on a certain character.
The main character of the first trilogy is Darek.