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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer is unofficially here!

Some people consider June to be part of summer, but I say...that July is when you really feel it. Summer feels especially hot this year. But maybe I just feel that way every year because I forget just how HOT summer really is.

Anyway, four sales for the month of June. Not bad. We're...getting somewhere--I think.
Okay, it's a decline(ever so slightly)...but not dead yet!
Speaking of dead (ominous voice needed), The Judge has disappeared from the top 10 rankings on Free Ebooks. I don't remember if I talked about this, but I might as well make a mention of this again. We had a good run. It was amazing while it lasted.

My book, S3, doesn't seem to have any takers. Ah, I so wished it would've made it into the Amazon contest. But what can you do? But I'm not going to stop pitching until I've reached out to every last agent.

I'm thinking of trying something new for the next book. But gotta finish the Guardian first.
I hope I can finish it soon.