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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dropping the Price of S3

It may seem strange to be doing another post so soon. But I've decided to start uploading to the Nook market as well. It's still in the process of preparing my account. But once my account is ready, S3 will be available for the Barnes and Nobles estore. And with that, I've decided to also drop the price of S3. Originally I had decided to keep the price of S3 up, not because I prefer the higher price, but simply because Amazon (And perhaps B+N as well) has higher royalty options when the price is set higher. But that's pretty much no longer the main issue. So the price of S3 will be the same as all the other books.

Not sure if anyone was really waiting for that option, but there ya go. I'll have a link up as soon as they approve my account.