Current Sales Report

Total Sales of all my Books: 211 Goal: 100000|Thank you for buying my books. If you haven't bought one, go ahead and buy a book to make my day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, I said I wouldn't really do it, but I figure I might as well do it once in a while. There hasn't really been much news lately, aside from...all the crazy world news going on (massive earthquakes, devastation, mysterious disappearances/deaths of animals, wars/revolutions/unrest in the middle east, etc. ).'s back to our little insignificant news that few people care about:

We've broken over 26,000 downloads on Free-Ebooks. As always, IT'S OVER 9,000!
We've got 3 more sales on our books, bringing us to a grand total of 53 books sold! That's almost 100(well, not really)! Thank you, thank you, thank you (3 for 3) for buying. I don't think I'll ever reach the top 100 best sellers on the kindle store at this rate, but it's nice to know you guys/gals care.   :D

Oh, speaking of best sellers. Let's include those rankings here too!

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #56,402 Paid in Kindle Store --this is for The Judge.
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #179,060 Paid in Kindle Store --this is for Awake.

Surprising, isn't it? I mean, the difference in sales between these two books is probably like...5-10 books or something. Wow, so every book sale is like a 10,000 rank jump? Insane! But...still kind of depressing too. 56,000? I mean...that's a loooooooooong way from top 100. And if you aren't in the top the heck are people going to know you exist? I'm still hoping for some random super sudden surge of sales! Still hasn't come yet. But, hey, you never know. Crazy things can happen!

And yes, I'm still working on the Guardian(2nd book of Coranite). We are still alive.

But it's taking a lot longer than I expected. I've still got tons of things to work out. I want to make this book as good as it can be, and address some of the issues and concerns that some people complain about.

I've been pitching my other book around, but it looks like no takers. Oh well, just going to keep trying until every last one is complete.