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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Guardian - Kindle Version up on Amazon.

And here we go! The Guardian is now up on Amazon Kindle for $0.99!

US link:

UK link:

And...oddly enough, someone bought a copy before I even found out it was up already.

So, thank you! :D (That brings our total sales up by 2)
If you're wondering if the sequel is any good before you buy it, you can check out the lengthy preview on the post below, OR you can view the preview on Amazon, but I think it's probably only a few pages or a chapter.

I don't know if anyone cares to buy a paperback(almost nobody buys them ), but I've put that into the system just for completionist's sake. I just need to see if everything looks all right in a proof copy before I set it in stone. I mostly put it up because I like to have a personal copy as a memento.

A word from the Author (I feel kinda silly writing that title):

It has been a long journey in writing this book. It pretty much drove me insane. I thought I would be able to finish it much earlier, but pushing through the last few chapters was tough. But I didn't want to go back on my word. I said I would write it and so I did. At that time, I had already finished half of the book. I thought it'd be simple to just finish it up. Boy, was I wrong. However, I know there are a few fans out there of book and so this is my act of saying thanks to everyone who cared.

Coranite Chronicles has always held a special place in my heart.
I think that everyone has a story to tell. And Coranite Chronicles was mine.
Even though I plan out the story ahead of time and know what's going to happen, it's always something else to put it into words. And when I finally can read it (during the process of editing), I am delighted to know that someone else (however, few) might read this story and enjoy it.

Due to time constraints, (I really wanted to just get it done with so I could focus on other things), I had to keep the book short and to the point. When I first wrote the Judge, I messed around with a lot of much so that the book was over 150,000 words. And that's too much for a novel so I had to cut out entire sections. With the Guardian, it felt like the opposite. I made it so simple and basic that I had to expand upon things. And by the end of it, I still felt like there was more that could've been done, but it would've taken waaaay to long to properly plan it out and write it.

And really, I do have some regrets about the whole thing. The first thing is that I didn't take as much time to edit it. I revised the Judge straight through at least a dozen times and every time I went through it I always noticed something wrong. And when I wrote the Judge, my friends and family would help me out by reading it. Time has changed. Everyone is too busy with life now to read my book and give advice/opinions. That was one of the more painful things about writing the Guardian. I was flying solo. And because of that, it makes me nervous. I hope I didn't screw up really bad somewhere.

It probably won't have the same impact on you guys, but I love the ending of this book. It is really such a painful cliffhanger though. There really wasn't much I could do because it is the end of the book and sets the stage for Book 3, which wraps up the trilogy's storyline. It's only fitting for it to be that way. Doesn't make it any more pleasant.

Anyway, happy reading. Best wishes. I really, really hope everyone enjoys it. I was never a good writer, but I do hope I've improved enough in the craft to make this book even better than the Judge. And if you like it, remember to tell your friends about it. I'm just a lowly indie author, so every little bit of word-of-mouth helps me out a lot.