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Friday, October 1, 2010

Factions of Coranite

In the Coranite Chronicles the galaxy is divided into many factions, both natural and supernatural. These are the main factions.

The Judges of Verras (Supernatural) - The twelve chosen by destiny to eliminate evil. Each one is gifted with a unique ability that is forged by their will and spirit. They are assassins of Justice and live in a place outside of the known universe.

The Federation (Natural) - A democratic alliance of over five hundred planets. They have the largest navy and some of the best technology. Their home world is Teraskai.

The Legion of Heroes (Supernatural) - The Heroes are warriors that strive to protect humanity. They are gifted with the supernatural "Fate" and use primitive weapons. Their home world is Salhades.

The Anarchists (Natural) - A crazed group of terrorists that seek the destruction of all the other major factions, believing that all men have the right to govern their own lives. They especially despise the supernatural factions, however the Federation is not exempt from their wrath. Though they hate the Federation, they tend to stay away from Federation space. They rely on advanced technology that is beyond anything the Federation can conceive in order to combat the supernatural factions. Though small in number, they are terribly dangerous.

The Immortal Alliance (Supernatural) - An alliance of immortal beings to maintain order.

The Guardians of the Elements (Supernatural) - The majestic spirits of the spirit realm.

The Coranites (Supernatural) - The outcast spirits of the spirit realm.

Black Raven Rogues (Natural) - An ancient assassination group that refined techniques with the sword. They are believed to be extinct.

Vespar (Supernatural) - The Vespar are Heroes set apart to aid the Judges. They are a secret division, unknown to the galaxy and even most Heroes.

Nomadic Combine (Natural) - An alliance of colonies outside of the Federation. They are always on the move, searching for resources in order to survive.

The Assassin's Guild (Natural) - NA