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Friday, October 1, 2010

Main Characters of Coranite

There are many characters in the Coranite Chronicles. Here are some of the more important ones.

Darek Wayker - The protagonist of the first trilogy, Darek is a simple delivery boy that is thrust into a dangerous universe.

Jenson - Darek's best friend. He's a genius who develops a small Interplanetary Teleportation Device.

Rex Galvin - Darek's childhood friend. He's a navy officer of the Federation.

Dionus Blazon - A young ambitious commander of the Federation.

Sorren - An assassin who seeks many things, but tells no one of them. He is skilled with the sword and a master of the anti-law of darkness. Also presumed to be the Guardian of darkness of the 77th generation.

Azura - A nameless Hero and an Aenarian. Azura is kind and caring, but is also a formidable warrior.

Xavius - One of the five Archlords that serve under the Overlord. He is considered the weakest among them.

Althair - The Overlord who rules over the Legion of Heroes.

Merdon - leader of the rebellion against the immortal alliance.

Thedes, the black wolf - commander of the armed forces of the rebellion.

Rathos, the white wolf - commander of the intelligence division of the rebellion.

Reza - Guardian of water of the 76th generation

Drey - Guardian of fire of the 76th generation

Beld - Guardian of fire of the 75th generation