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Saturday, April 2, 2011

April fools!

April fools!...oh wait, I'm one day late.
Uh...progress report? I don't know. Maybe the Guardians is still about 30-40% done.
But I've been making some changes so it kind of added extra editing.
How much longer? I'm not sure. I want to finish it by this month. We'll see.
S3 threw me off track totally.
The Judge is still hanging in there on the top 10 fiction ebooks on I'm surprised it's been there for as long as it has. It's always at the bottom so it's nerve-wrecking. It's at 27558 downloads. Almost to 30,000. No sales for this month. Bummer. I wonder if a better economy would help. But I don't know. The book is only 1$ online and I think I've only sold about 30 or so of them.

As for some added news:
As you all probably know I won't be writing the final book of Darek's trilogy. I think it's supposed to be called The Immortal. But I think I might try to just write a few chapters and throw it in at the end of the Guardian.
Even though I will make the Guardian free, I don't think I'll put it on Why? It's a simple reason: putting books on Free-Ebooks cost money. Downloading the books may be free, but putting it up does come with like a $20 cost. Yeah, $20 may not sound like much. But I'm dirt poor. Maybe even poorer than dirt.

I'll have links on here. But it'll be kind of sad because I don't think people really visit this blog.