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Monday, April 25, 2011

See attachment for your winning information!

And here I thought Gmail had perfected their spam blocker. But today I got one of those infamous YOU WIN emails from Nigeria in my inbox. I cannot deny that it made me kinda happy at first...until I realized it was just spam. I don't think I've ever really won a sweepstakes/contest thing in my life and I've been entering those darn things all the time. Can't win anything. :( I guess the odds are pretty bad. Although, I did win Jury Duty for next month, if you can call that winning.

Anyway, another day has come and gone. And we got another sale! Coranite Chronicles still hanging in there on the top ten and we are still inching ever so slowly towards 30,000 downloads!

Oh, and it has finally come upon us! Doctor Who's next season is here! I was never really a fan of the series, but I really like this latest Doctor and his seasons.