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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas...

All right. Looks like we're just about finished with the second round of free days for the Guardian on Amazon.
So what are the final results? - 178 - 47 - 5 - 1

Hmm, overall it's better than the first time--not by much, but better. But it's not a fair comparison, as the first time was only 2 days and this time was 3. Then again, these should be unique downloads, so seeing a drop is expected.

Thank you all for participating, and if you missed it again, I think the next set of free days will be in a couple of months. (Sometime in March?)

And finally, for some personal records:
6 books have been sold for the month of December. 2 of those were for Guardian.

Kind of a depressing, but since there really doesn't seem to be much interest in the series, the final book of the trilogy for the Coranite Chronicles will be on an indefinite hiatus.