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Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay, I can no longer edit the submission. I am not satisfied with the submission. I feel like it could still use a lot of work. But there is not enough time in this world for me to work on it so...what can you do?

Now it is time for me to unveil the project....
The title (as I've said before) is called  S3: A Smack in Time.

First, here is the link to the preview:

 It's the first four you can get a good feel for the story. The book is 26 chapters long.

Here is the description:

On the first day of high school, Stanley already expects nothing more than another typical year. All that changes, however, when two chance encounters cause him to question his understanding of reality.

He meets Karen, the girl of his dreams, who unfortunately is a paranoid nutcase claiming to be a test subject in a bizarre experiment to create child prodigies. Then there’s Jack, a self-proclaimed time traveler, who hops in through Stanley’s bedroom window, spouting nonsense about how the world has already ended over six thousand times without anyone noticing.

Stanley dismisses them both as lunatics. But when a brush with danger forces him to escape through a mysterious portal in his closet, he thinks he might be going crazy as well.

Stanley arrives in the land outside of time, where a band of kooks recruit him as their next secret agent. Though he is reluctant to join them in their plans to save the world from foreseen destruction, he is quickly on board when he discovers there are certain benefits to being a hero: a handsome salary, free food and, best of all, someone to do his homework for him.

But the life of a young time-traveling secret agent is no bed of roses. With Jack and Karen by his side, Stanley is thrust into a silly adventure involving bone-shattering thumb wars, sickle-wielding senior citizens full of vengeance, and Portal-Potties—the practical, yet disgusting way for fast travel.

Along his journey, Stanley starts to wonder whether he wants to save the world or destroy it, as he unveils the deep mystery behind a plot…that he unknowingly devised himself.

Packed with action and comedy, S3: A SMACK IN TIME is a science fiction adventure that pokes fun at how the world always needs to be saved.

So yeah, there you have it. It's meant to be silly, a parody of sorts. Now no one will be able to take me seriously!