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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's the big day!

Today is the final day for submissions on ABNA. While I did submit my stuff already, it is also the final day for edits. I'm going to be working on my manuscript until about 11pm EST. Then...I'll finally unveil the details of the project here. I've already put up a page on the side bar, but there's no info on it just yet.

I'm deciding how many chapters I'll let you guys preview. I'm thinking maybe about 4 chapters(which is about 20% of the story?). I'm also keeping a tally of how many people like/dislike it. So...please leave some feedback, either here or on the preview page.

To date, three people have read my manuscript and here are the results.

Current Tally:
Likes: 2
Dislikes: 1

EEK. That's a 66(.666666666666666)% approval rating!