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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*cough* *sniff* *wheeze*

I think I caught something. Maybe a cold. Don't know what. But it's stuffing up my nose and giving me an annoying cough.
It's been a few days and my book is almost up to 15,000 downloads! Was that a goal? I don't remember. All I can think about is how messed up I feel because of this sickness. I can't think straight.

Christmas has come and gone. I'm glad and thankful that on Christmas I was okay. But the day after Christmas my whole body started acting up.

Did anyone else celebrate Christmas? Did anyone else enjoy their time?

I got a few presents. I don't usually ask for much. And I don't usually get much. But this year was an especially good haul. Very thankful that I got a lot of awesome gifts this year. There's just not enough time to enjoy everything.

Well, time to keep on celebrating! New Year's is just ahead. Maybe things will be normal by then. Until that time comes, I'm gonna try and recover.