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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Process Part 6 (FINAL)

9857 - Judge (300...slowing down again)
10316 - Awake (100...better than yesterday)
Guardian Progress: 23%

So, I've been thinking, a lot of times people ask me: "Why do you have an afro?" one has asked me that. I tend not to unleash the afro unless absolutely necessary, because I have discovered that my afro is quite frightening.

I just needed a way to start this blog post and THERE IT IS!

Anyway, I thought I'd divulge some of my past experiences in the Final Part (PART 6) of the Epic Blog Post Series - THE PROCESS (Great title for a movie, eh? There probably is a movie called that).
We've had a long journey...coming to this part. These are pretty much pointless facts about my writing process.
So...without further ado.

1) When I first wrote the Judge, I had the story planned out in my head. However, I found that it was difficult to keep focus. Like...I'd get bored of writing the same chapter. And that made things slow. So what did I do? I decided to jump around. I would write the first few pages of a chapter and then move on. I wrote the first half of EVERY chapter. And then I went back to the beginning of the book to write the second half of every chapter.

2) When I was writing Awake...I wanted to confirm the difficulty of staying awake for long periods of time. So I tried not to sleep one night to see how well I could handle it. I caved in at about 7am. Pathetic. WEAK.

3) To get inspiration, I usually stay up late. By the time 2-3-4am rolls around, my mind goes totally crazy. No, I don't get hallucinations. My mind just gets filled up with a lot of random weird stuff. The Coranite Chronicles is the only series that I've written off the top of my head. The stories for my other books: Awake, Faerie Epoch and S3, all came to me during this phase of late night mind randomness.

4) I take hot showers when it's cold. And cold showers when it's hot....
Wait, this doesn't have anything to do with anything!

5) Planning for my books is best done all the time. I think about what I'm going to write when I'm doing menial tasks or when I'm just pacing around in a constant circle.

6) I'm really hungry and need to eat. Like right now.