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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dealing with Dogs Part 2

Ah, yes, a beautiful Saturday! It's still cold, but perhaps that could be remedied by wearing a few more layers.
Guardian Progress: 25%

Anyway, let's continue our Dealing with Dogs segment.
Last time I talked about...stuff that I don't want to talk about ever again.
This time I'll talk about a few more things(so general and vague).

All right. Topic: Feeding your puppy/dog. How many times should you feed them? As a human, we eat three times a day. But dogs are not humans. Their digestive system is different...and pretty flexible. What this boils down to is convenience! There is no right answer for this(except for maybe the fact that you should probably feed them more than ZERO times a day).

How many times do you want to feed them? And how does your dog handle the feeding? Some people just fill up the bowl and let the dog eat however they want. There is a possibility that some dogs are overeaters and some are not. If you're worried about obesity(especially when you're busy and can't keep playing with your dog), it'd be best to manage their diet. Most people just feed their dog once a day. We feed her twice a day.

The more times you feed it, the more times it'll go do the number 2. Convenience. One time a day is easier to deal with. On the other hand, food will stay within a dog's stomach for about eight hours. By dividing the meals you'll make it more...pleasant for your dog. Of course, in the end, a dog is still a dog. It survives as it needs to in the wild...but now it is family. Perhaps keeping things pleasant will be good in the long run.