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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Updates? Best Free Indie Games

Yay, another sale of Awake! I've decided to update the counter and include sales of Awake too. I'll just put sales of all my books there so I can have more to update...and that way it'll look more impressive (or really sad, depending on how you look at it)!

Anyway, today I'm going to make a laaaaazy post, because I'm laaaaazy(and it's late, and I'm tired/not feeling well, and it's been a loooong day).

Yesterday (or perhaps the day before that. can't remember) I made a post talking about PC gaming. I thought I'd expand upon it today and talk about Free Indie Games.
Yeah, I know, it's easy to pirate games (and thus make every single game in existence "free") but come on. People worked on this stuff, and just as you like to earn money for your work, they do too! However, just like indie me (Indie author me), some indie developers make their games free because they want everyone the chance to appreciate it (and feel good about not having to actually pirate it).
So let's celebrate indie gaming by showing off some of the best FREE indie games that I've enjoyed!
(hey, maybe it'll get me some new visitors to my blog...! Or...maybe I'm too hopeful)

Super Crate Box
Let's start out with Super CRATE BOX! This is a fun little title that will waste your time. But then again, aren't all games a waste of time? So...this game is very much like an arcade game. You collect crates while dealing with constantly respawning enemies. But every time you collect a crate, you get a random weapon (some are awesome, some are very situational, and one in particular sucks like nobody's business). For every crate you collect, you get a point on your score. If get hit by an enemy, you die.... And if you die...well, YOU DIEEEE! And the game is over. The goal is to get as many crates as you can without dying. It's frantic, it's simple...and it's VERY FRUSTRATING (and maybe it's fun).
I give it a 3/5.

Cave Story
Next is a classic. Everyone should know Cave Story(Everyone who searches for free indie games). It's considered one of the best free indie games out there. And quite possibly for of the best games...PERIOD. It's made by a single Japanese guy (pretty talented guy. handsome? I wouldn't know.) That's right. He did the graphics, music... gameplay... design... uh... game stuff... etc, etc, etc, all by himself. It may look like a DOS game (or an NES game), but doesn't matter what it looks like. It's still a great game. You play as some robot dude (I think he's a robot) that lost his memory (awwww). He runs around a dark cave, steals a gun(hey the game forced me to do it!), shoots cute monsters to death(it's either him or them), and defeats some crazy evil scientist guy.

Warning Forever
Here we go. Ever heard of SHMUPS? I didn't make that word up. But it's not a real word either. It's sort of an abbreviation. It stands for: Shoot THEM UP! Not very impressive, I know. But if you say shmups ten times sounds...stupid? Anyway, back to the point. Warning Forever is an interesting take on SHMUPING. It's all about boss fights. You've got a dinky ship with a pretty powerful gun, and you fight boss after boss after boss (after boss...). It's time based. You kill bosses fast, you get more time and points. You lose time. And when you run out of time, GAME OVER MAN.
I give it a 3/5. (Deja vu? or Copy Pasta?)

Ben There Dan That
A point and click adventure in the vein of...uh...Lucasarts Adventure games of Christmas Past. The game looks like it was drawn by a five-year-old. But rest assured, I don't think the game was made by five-year-olds. But if it is...THEY ARE SOME DARN TALENTED AND INTELLIGENT FIVE-YEAR-OLDS(more intelligent than me, that's for sure, but not necessarily a big accomplishment). It has some issues. But overall, not bad. If I remember correctly, there's a bit of uh...foul language. Just a warning.

Total, shameless, worms clone. What's there to say? It's a turn-based strategy game where you...move hedgehogs and use a variety of weapons enemy. Total rip off of a more well-known game. So for that...I give it a:
2/5. It's not bad. It's just...kind of wrong.

Now here is a game that is very...interesting. Two words: AMAZING. Wait...that's one word.
How about: AMAZING GAME? And now it just sounds lame.'re a spelunker. What's spelunking? It's cave exploring! What's that you say? I already went over a game called Cave Story? And now there's another cave game? And it's AMAZING(just like cave story)?
Apparently, caves are awesome and fun places to be!
This game is Graphics are kind of SNES like. You go down a cave, and the levels are all randomized, which means every level will always be different, even if you start over from the beginning. The goal is to survive while journeying deeper and deeper into the...uh...cave. But this isn't your ordinary cave! There are zombies, killer monkeys, piranhas, exploding frogs, crazed cavemen (cavemen in my caves?), hot (and very pixelated) damsels in distress, giant spiders, a really grumpy merchant with a shotgun, and TONS OF BOOBY TRAPS. Big ones. Really big ones. Lots of big, huge booby traps. (Will this get my blog more hits? It's a sad world...and what I'm doing is even sadder ;P )
There are some really weird aspects to it as well. But I don't want to talk about it.
Anyway, I'm going to sleep. 5/5.