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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Mixture

Doing something different I prefer to do everyday.
It will be a super short edition of posting. It's going to seem weird.
But here at good.

First: New milestone. Hit 12k on Judge. Great. Thank you.

Next: Humble Indie Bundle. Pay what you want, for limited time only. Get 5 cool indie games. Very sweet.
Braid--okay. Machinarium--awesome. Cortex Command--interesting. Osmos--good. Revenge of the Titans--fun.

Next: Final Informative Doggy Post.
Dogs eat a lot of stuff--even stuff they should not eat. Keep in mind. Be safe.
List of No-no foods: Bones(risky), mushrooms, avocado, onions, grapes, salt, sugar.
More obvious no-no foods: alcohol, drugs, hard objects(large fruit pits), rotten/spoiled/moldy.

Fleas are also a problem. To deal with fleas:
1. Vacuum rugs and spray flea killer on rugs--fleas hide and lay eggs there.
2. Wash dog, soak them good--fleas drown in water.
3. Flea collar/flea treatment--repels fleas.
4. Fleas have different cycles. You may kill most, but when new eggs hatch, more will come back.
So vacuum and wash dog once every two-three days to keep them under control.

And Finally: Youtube Video of the Day

Embed not working.
Wow. New Pirates movie!
There you have it.