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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Okay, so here we are at another day. Guardian Progress: 24% (If you're wondering why it goes up a percent every now and then, it's because it's a REALLY ROUGH estimate. There's no easy way to calculate this.)

Ahh, what should I talk about today?
When I was little (maybe about 8 or 9), I used to get really paranoid around my family and friends, because I wondered if I was really human. I wondered if life was real or not, or if I was just sitting inside some simulation controlled by robots that pretended to be humans. I wondered if anything else outside of my own existence was actually happening. Perhaps, things only happened where I was. And everything else in the outside world, beyond my sight and presence, was merely fiction. (Yeah, I was a bit of a nut)

Another thing I used to think about was when you put two mirrors together. I wondered if every reflection constituted another world. Perhaps we are just part of a reflection and the other reflections are just as real as we are. If I wave to myself in the mirror, perhaps the "me" in the mirror was waving to me and I was merely the copy! ('s doesn't make sense...or does it?)

And another thing I used to consider is the possibility that some things might exist even without our knowing. Just how far does everything go? If we look at cells (living organisms) we can tell that they are EXTREMELY ITSY BITSY TINY THINGS. You can't see them without a microscope. Yet, they are made up of tiny parts. Are those tiny parts made up even tinier parts? And those tinier parts made up of even tinier, tinier (you get the point) parts? But even our world is part of a system, the solar system. And our solar system is part of many of other systems, and part of a galaxy, which is part of many other galaxies....and all these galaxies make up our universe...yet we cannot even fathom just how many galaxies there are out there! Perhaps these galaxies are just building blocks for something else. Maybe our massive universe is just a tiny part of an even bigger universe!

Anyway...I stopped thinking about that silly stuff, because well, those are just the silly thoughts of a kid. When you're older you just is just what it is. No point in worrying about anything else.

And so I shall shift topics!

PC games used to be sort of a big thing (at least, as far as I could remember) a long time ago. I remember going to an electronics store with a huge selection of PC games. Even normal retail stores would have a huge aisle of PC games. But now, all that has changed due to, presumably, two factors: Piracy and PCs.
Piracy is particularly easy on the PC. All it takes is three easy steps. It definitely makes it less appealing to develop a game for PC when you know that everyone can just grab it for free. The other issue is that normal people don't really care about upgrading a PC. With consoles you can buy a console and know for sure that a game will work on it. But such is not the case with PC gaming. You need to make sure you got a good video card and a decent processor if you want to run intense applications like games.

HOWEVER, things have changed yet again. While PC gaming may have been somewhat dead a few years ago, it has taken a new life of its own. Digital distribution is now the way of PC gaming. While piracy still exists, PC games can still sell very well through DD. STEAM in particular has been reaping the benefits by providing solid working products, anti-hack measures on their major online games, a good selection of both major and indie titles, and TONS OF SALES.
On holidays, steam has big sales, taking off anywhere from 25% to 95% off!
They even have a very devious event going on right now. IF you complete objectives, you'll be entered for a chance to win any game of your choice. And of course, completing objectives require buying games on's a two fold attack!

Anyway, that's all for now.