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Saturday, January 15, 2011

An 80s/90s Revival

The 80's and 90's were interesting times. Okay, that was a pretty stupid statement. I suppose all time is interesting in their own ways.
But they were more interesting to me, I figure, because I lived through it(kinda, sorta).

And among those times came some amazing movies that were somewhat influential to my mind and life and whatever else.

Some of my favorite movies from those times are:
Back to the Future (Trilogy)
Matrix (1 mostly. I still can't remember what 2 and 3 were about.)
Independence Day
Jurassic Park
Terminator 2
Men in Black

And probably some others I can't remember.

I wouldn't consider these movies to be works of art, but they did fuel my love for that which is not real. And while these series/franchises/movies have had some breaths of life in the past. I've noticed recently that things have been coming back in the form of games. And really, I never would have ever in my life imagined that they would be making new games of such old movies(stories)!
Once again, nostalgia sells...especially after ten to twenty years.

Here's a quick look at some of the new games that have either come out or are coming out:

(no embeds cause it screws up when it's widescreen)
First, Ghostbusters.

Came out two years ago (time sure flies). They got back the voices, got back to the basics and brought them back to life when we thought it was all over. Really, these things just come out of the blue. I guess it's the cycle thing, where they think they can just make a quick buck outta nostalgia (and they can...and they did). Still sweet though. Even just watching the trailer with that awesome music gives me the shiver-me-timbers.

Now you can do all that stuff you ever wanted to do in a real ghostbusters game! Like...cross streams! And...trap ghosts! And...listen to awesome "Who ya gonna call" music ALL THE TIME!

Next. Back to the Future! This one is done by telltale games, a company that specializes in point and click adventures.

Once again they just hook me with that music!
Doo, doo, doo doo...! "Tell me Docta, where are we going this time?"

This one takes a more...cartoonish approach. However, they even did Marty's voice pretty well. Some of the characters can be hard to recognize due to the new look, but overall, it looks pretty fantastic! Now you can...time travel! And screw up time just like marty does all the time!

And finally. Jurassic Park!
This one's not actually a trailer. They haven't gotten around to it yet, but there are some screenshots here.

This revival thingamabobie is really amazing. I know, I know...they kinda still do make Jurassic Park movies(so it's not really a revival)...but they just keep getting worse and worse! Here's hoping to a good game that does justice to the original!
Now you Hmm...well, that was the appeal of the movies wasn't it? To watch people get eaten by dinosaurs, I mean.
Doesn't sound pleasant. But...who knows?'ll survive. (And then get eaten off screen).