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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writer's Log Day 1

Writer's Log, Earth Date: 01.04.2011

Due to some terrible decisions during the holidays, I was very tired and hungry in the morning. I woke up late and starving. To fill the emptiness of my stomach, I sought out meal scraps from whatever I could scrounge up. I devoured some meat, bread and water quite quickly and then proceeded to lock myself up in the room.

I only have three weeks. What was I thinking starting so late? Three weeks to life or death. My desperation has caused me to worry. Will I finish in time? Will I make a worthy product? Only time will tell. I can only pray and hope for the best.

Getting back into writing was harder than I anticipated. I have waited too long to get back into it. My mind has decayed to the point of uselessness. The day has just gotten started...and yet it feels like it will never end. Why must I keep on writing? I must never forget...the passion. For the passion is my fuel. And with it...I shall live.

Baby steps. Little by little. Step by step. That's what I tell myself I need. To write...I must read. It is a painful process for one such as I. Read. Write. Live. Die. This is going to be one heck of a month.

My hands shake. My skin crawls. I have become too weak. Years of writing has caused my muscles to degenerate. I have begun training my strength in order to improve both physical and mental health. It is still too early to tell if such things will help me now. But I have no choice. I must do all that I can...for the mission.

The winter months still remain cold. When will spring come? Not soon enough.