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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Sale

We're up to 37 on the sales!
It has slowed down a lot, but...that makes it a month? If we're lucky, we'll reach 50 by the end of the year ;)

Anywayz, another snow slow day. Those crazy kids are at it again, totally clogging up the streets with their sledding. Can't believe they haven't gone to school for TWO DAYS IN A ROW. Back in my day, you only had off for one...and then the next day, they'd DRAG YOU TO SCHOOL(figuratively).

It's got me kind of worried. It's really cloudy...which means even the sun has abandoned us, refusing to end our plight. The snow (or white and shiny ice, whatever it is) isn't melting at all! What if they still have no school tomorrow? I'll still hear those kids going KKKKKSSSSSSHHHHH! down the road every few minutes.

Oh well, too much humbugging. I guess I should be happy for them.
Or not.

There's only one good thing I can hope for in this frozen time. Maybe the evildoers will stay holed up in their houses.

I'm ending the Wlog. We need posts with more impact. Shameless/ful impact. I think those pointless, random, everybody's-time-wasted top ten lists were pretty impactful. Maybe I should stick with those.