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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Random Thoughts (aka. Blog Post)

So here we are at another day in our writing/editing marathon.
I sold another book (Whoohoo!) and that brings the total up to 38!

I've been struggling with the editing for S3, as always.
I'm reading, editing and writing...and...everything is just a big blur.
It's like one of those things where you don't know where you came from or where you're going.

I got a comment on the Judge on that free-ebooks site that was a reminder of the biggest hurdle I face: grabbing the reader in the first few pages. If someone doesn't get hooked, BAM, you're screwed.

I got a similar comment for S3 a while back from a friend. I've been working at will always nag me. I will never be sure if it's fixed.

I constantly read the first few pages and think...
How can I do this? Simple? Elegant? Extravagant? Do I throw the loop or do I play it safe? Do I hint at insanity...or bring it down-to-earth? Does this work? Or is it boring?

This book contest focuses on three things: a synopsis, an excerpt, and the full manuscript. Of course, I can't just throw myself on one. I need to make sure everything works. But...this isn't a test/an exam either. There are no right or wrong answers(except for the grammar portion, which, understandably is still an issue with me).

We've got eleven days left. I've reached chapter 8 in my editing (spree?). I still haven't prepared the synopsis...and I'm absolutely dreading that round. If you don't know...I got knocked out of the running by last year's synopsis. Even something like this synopsis is terribly important. But even's 1/5 for the contestants. Only a thousand can pass the first round.

Oh almost feels like my stomach is twisting and turning at my thoughts.
Oh well...back to work. I was hoping this blog post would calm me down, but it's had the opposite effect. Figures. Maybe tonight I'll talk about gaming instead. That'll calm my nerves.