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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Details on my submission...

Right now, I'm still working on my submission. After I'm done and I've got everything solid and locked in. I think I'll probably put the details on this site. You know, like what the book's about and maybe a preview for you guys to check out.

All I'll say now is that it is somewhat different from my past works.
The title of the book is going to be S3: A Smack in Time.
It is not meant to be a part of a series.
It is designed to be more focused, simple, understandable and fun.

Coranite Chronicles was meant to be just some crazy fantasy with tons of characters, factions, wars, special powers/magic and stuff.

Awake was meant to be just like..well...almost like a dream.

The biggest change in S3 is the point of view. I decided to go for a first person perspective. The reason for this is because I wanted to focus on the main character. It's easier to get a grasp on how they view things if you're seeing things through their eyes.

The second biggest change is that I wanted to make this clear: my books are not really serious. I think some people misunderstand my stories. And that's perhaps I straddle the line too much. So in S3...I make things quite clear. This book is meant to be ridiculous, silly, and over-the-top. And that's how my books have always been, but I think people don't always understand that, so I wanted to make it clear this time.