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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everything is slowing down...

Just thought I'd take a quick break from writing/editing to make a quick post.

I am not a big fan of fruit. That's not to say that I don't like fruit...because I do. Fruit's nice. It's healthy, packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. Nature's natural dessert (snack? treat?). And there's plenty of variety in fruit...that there's probably something for everyone.

Even so, I must admit that...unless I'm starving and fruit is the only option, I won't be eating it. Why is that? Well...I'm pretty sure it's the conditioning from the modern world. It's also the same reason I don't care much for water either.

Here's the main reason:
I'm lazy. I've always been told this strange tale where a man was sooooo lazy that he did not want to move or do anything at all. He did not even want to get up to get food. And so...he would only eat what people would give him. One day, his family went on a trip without him (naturally), and since they knew how lazy he was, they tied a large cake on his neck so that he would only have to bend down to eat the cake. When they came back from the trip...they found him dead...because he would only eat the top of the cake...but when it came down to the was too far for him to reach for. doesn't make any sense. After all, he'd much sooner die of thirst than hunger with this arrangement. But that's not the moral of the story.

Anyway, I am sort of like that. To me...fruit is just something of a pain in the butt to eat. You either have fruit that you need to peel...fruit that has pits in it...fruit that you need to cut...fruit that is messy...or fruit that just isn't all that delicious. Or possibly even a combination of everything. They're such a hassle, which is why (not so coincidentally), some of my favorite fruits happen to be:
Apples and Bananas. Why?
Apples: you eat it and throw out the core. no mess.
Bananas: you peel off the sides, which are usually pretty easy, and eat the rest. throw out peel. no mess.
You don't have to get your hands sticky and you don't have to really work to get at the "meat."

And the other reason?
It's usually not that sweet. And this is what I mean when I talk about conditioning. The world has manufactured the treat. The only reason you enjoy a fruit is because it is a sweet treat with a natural sugar. But since I've eaten other man-made snacks all my life, it's hard not to pick one over the other at times.

There was a time in my life that I dreaded drinking water. I had to force myself to drink water! Why? Because I knew what awaited me when I drank...was something tasteless...and bland. I would look at a glass of water and long for juice or soda. After years of forcing myself to drink water, it's much easier to do it now.

Anyway...that's my pointless blog post for today. I'll get back to work now.