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Monday, January 24, 2011


It's 6AM...and no...I did not wake up early. In fact, I haven't slept yet! YAY!

Update time: my eyes hurt from staring at this stupid computer screen for over...18 hours?'s time to go to sleeeeep.

On a very related note. I have submitted my submission to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest! I was trying to submit it at 12 AM after working 12 hours on it. But then I realized I still had changes to make. Apparently SIX HOURS WORTH! And no, it's not done. I still have a lot I want to change. But I have submitted a decent copy just in case the submissions get filled up and closed. Now I'm SAFE! I'm definitely IN!

I know one of you (aka. Myself) is rooting for me. So thanks.
Yes. I'm talking to myself. Because it's 6Am.
And I've been writing and writing and finger hurts.
And no, I do not rely on such methods as caffeine to stay awake.

Oh, my eyes! They buuuuurn!
Okay, I'm going to sleep for real this time. But for some reason I can't stop typing, but I can't really see either. Staring at the white screen of the word processor has made everything painful. Now I'm alarm. Apparently I have an alarm that goes off at 6:10. But because I'm never usually awake at that time...I've never heard it before. Amazing.

Okay, I'm going to sleep for real again. Good morning.