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Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's 3AM

It's 3AM. And it's the weekend! Which doesn't mean much for me. But, hey, maybe it means a lot for you guys out there! So enjoy your weekend. Have a good time.
Life is too short to have a...bad time(?).

Breaking away from the Wlog for the weekend. Gonna do my usual pointless posts instead.

Quick updates. It's dark and quiet out there. And cold too. Kinda scary at 3AM. My neighborhood doesn't have lights.
But that's not the update I wanted to talk about.

Um...let's see. Judge is gonna hit 17k on downloads real soon...but today the downloads slowed down quite a bit. Is that the extent of it? *shrugs*
Congratulations(myself)! It's not setting the world on fire, but it's had a good run.

I'm still preparing for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. I've read through the first few chapters over and over. I can't tell if this book is any good, but I can hope like heck that it is! I wish I could somehow scrub my mind clean of this book and read it with a fresh start...but I guess that's impossible when I'm the author.

The submission period begins on the 24th and I want to make sure my book is submitted as soon as possible. That means I've only got about two weeks left. Not looking good. I need a miracle.

I think there's supposed to be some sort of fine line between genius and insanity. I'm no genius, but I think I can aim for insanity. One is better than none.