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Monday, January 3, 2011

Strange News?

Mostly news is bad. Sometimes you get some good news. Most times you get bad news. And then...some days you get strange news...which can be bad too.

And today is one of those days.

In Arkansas thousands of birds fell from the sky...dead. That's a new one. I think in one movie(or perhaps several), I forget which, birds fall from the sky. But in those movies, they are alive...and smashing themselves to their deaths. In this real life story...they just fall dead?

They're still investigating the cause. I'm seeing stuff like new year fireworks forced the birds out of the trees and into some dangerous storm. But I don't think they have anything solid yet.

Anyway, I found that story pretty interesting. Real life is usually pretty mundane, but sometimes you get a weird event out of left field. But, however remarkable, it's also sad and scary. I suppose it's sad because birds are cute. If hundreds of scorpions fell dead from the sky...I don't think it'd be as sad. Maybe more scary.

All right. Time to move on from the strange news of today.
I've been reading reviews on the Judge and I've come to understand...that it has quite a few issues that I need to correct. Of course I can't fix the Judge now.... It's kind of pointless. But I do need to take these criticisms and think about how I can improve the sequel. But it's been hard. From what I can tell, the Judge suffered from too many characters, too little character development, and too many scene changes. I've been trying to work on fixing these issues but it seems almost impossible. Because all of the characters are indeed important in one way or another. *sigh* I hope I can work S3 through this as well.