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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Almost Ready

I'm almost done fixing up Awake, and when it's done I'll have my first free e-book available! A real one that is. The drawing for the cover is finished, but I need to clean it up and color it. I'll still have it available for sale if anybody likes to support the author or anything like that. I'll make it as cheap as possible.

For those of you curious about Awake, it's basically a story about four teens who realize that everyone in the world is still asleep and can't wake up, and so they get the help of dogs and cats to protect them from an army of wild animals as the teens search for a way to wake up the world. Yeah, it's a weird one. Trust me. What happens in the book is really weird and strange. But I like to write weird stuff. And I hope some of you would like to read it.

I'll put up the full blurb about the book soon enough. And I should have the book ready and self-published by Monday.

And I've also decided that whenever I put up a post, I'll also put up a random rambling/message of the day. So without further ado:

There can be no explosions in space. Did you know that? Since space is a vacuum, explosions can't occur. Many sci-fi movies put explosions in space. And if I could make a sci-fi movie, I'd put explosions in space too! In fact, I did put fire in space in the Judge. Why? Because it's cool. Explosions are flashy and fire is beautiful. Now, I'm no expert on science, but if I had to somehow worm my way through an explanation, I'd just say that spaceships have some kind of artificial atmosphere created by a force field or invisible shield of some sort, so that a fire can occur within those confines. I'm not sure how long an explosion would last in the circumstances of a spaceship being shot down, but maybe there'd be a flash.