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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Downloads are still going! It's almost hard to imagine that just yesterday we were slowly going up to 800. And now...almost 3000! Thank you Free-Ebooks for putting it up on your site. And thank you unknown denizens of the Internet for checking it out. I hope you all enjoy it for what it is...a bizarre adventure. I just hope that the formatting is proper. I know for sure that the PDF is fine. But it seems they converted it into other formats and drop caps could be an issue.

On other news related to Awake--as my...uh...local reader was checking out the book, the reader noticed something strange. Apparently I wrote something in and assumed that it would fit...but something else is missing. To put it simply, I made a boo-boo(Halloween joke?). Sorry for that. I kind of rushed it out and, while I didn't expect it to be perfect, I didn't think it had any major errors in it. And I hope it doesn't have any other errors takes so much time to read through it, and plus I can't always tell if I left something in or out(the mind makes plenty of mistakes).

Once again, (at the expense of sounding like a broken record) I may put the Judge up for free once we hit about 5000 or so downloads on Awake. If you enjoyed Awake, tell your friends and family about it(and your enemies too. might as well, right?).
However, I must say this. Even if I put up the Judge for free, it doesn't mean I'll make a sequel. These books take SO much time and effort to write that I can only continue writing if I get support from YOU, the readers. The Judge is twice as big as Awake and each subsequent sequel will be just as long as the Judge if not longer! So I'll only write up a sequel if I can tell there is demand for one.

I'll be keeping track of sales here on the sidebar. It doesn't matter how you purchase it: paperback, kindle, whatever. We just need to hit 1000. Once we hit 1000 I'll begin production. If you made a purchase and you think I missed it, just leave a comment on this blog about where you got it from and I'll double check it.