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Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Snap

One more sale of the Judge! What is going on? Maybe my luck has changed? Maybe the world is turning into a better place? Maybe two people just happened to be feeling a bit generous? I have no clue. But who cares, right?

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to those in the UK because every sale is most amazing. US sales have been stagnant forever. Ugh. And so...UK is now my favorite place on this least for a few years. I spent a long time writing the Judge and it's a relief to know that someone (maybe twenty people) might be reading it. Books are not meant to be written, after all. They're meant to be read!

Thanks people. YOU ARE AWESOME(whoever you are)! And I hope you enjoy the book. I wish I had an automated counter for this too, but I don't how I'd be able to pull that off.

Judge Sales: 20
980 more to go! (That math was a lot easier)

And if you're wondering whether or not I'll do this for every single need to wonder. I will definitely make a post for each and every sale!