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Sunday, October 24, 2010

One more, One more!

And we've hit another milestone! One more copy of the Judge has been sold!
Makes it nineteen! Based on statistics and (most likely) bad math...this would be a...200% sales increase since...several months ago. It's either really impressive...or really sad.... But let's just stick with impressive.

Anyway...let me tell you a story. A long time ago, I never knew of the thing called Aloe Drink. For whatever reason, its existence was completely oblivious to me. As someone who has many times wandered the sticky, cold, lonely halls of the ancient asian supermarkets of America, I had never heard of it...until a few years ago. And that my eyes have been opened...THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! How is this possible? How have they invaded so deep into every store? HOW?

Were they always there? Were my eyes just blocking them out of sight because the thought of aloe in drink was not clicking in my head? There are HUGE aisles of them, MASSIVE stacks, COLOSSAL rows! I am always dumbfounded now as I walk through the stores because of just how many there are...and each store even has different brands! It's like the invisible oasis of the asian supermarket desert. Only those who have tasted of its waters may see the dazzling, fancy array of shimmering emerald bottles. Now I wonder just how much of the world do I perceive? Is it only a small fraction--only that which I understand and desire to know? Or am I just over-thinking things? Perhaps Aloe Drink may not have been such a big thing until fairly recently. I wish an aloe connoisseur would come and clear things up.

For those of you who don't know anything about the Aloe drink, it's just aloe in a drink. Really.