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Monday, October 11, 2010

Okay, maybe not that ready...

After doing some editing, I've realized that Wake has a really strange ending that I want to fix before I release it. The cover is also proving to be quite a challenge. So, perhaps I'll release it by the end of the week or by next week.

MOTD: Is milk good or bad for an adult to drink? Growing up, I was always taught that you need to drink milk in order to keep your body (and bones) strong. There used to also be a lot of Got Milk commercials and ads back in the 90's. Then, a while back, people began to question whether or not milk is really good for adults.
Today, if you search the Internet, I'm sure you'll find many articles and websites debating the issue. Some say that the whole "Milk is good for you" thing is only a ploy of those who produce and sell milk.
To be honest, it's not really a big deal in my opinion. If you like milk, drink it. If you don't, don't. Humans are omnivores. We certainly can't eat or drink EVERYTHING in the world as some things are good for your health and some are bad. Smoking is bad. Milk, however, is not bad. Like all things, milk must be taken in moderation. People may argue that American health is bad compared to nations that drink less milk, but really, poor health has more to do with a poor lifestyle.