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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Process Part 2

(OBLIGATORY!) I never would've imagined we would reach 4800 downloads for Awake in just a week and a half:
Of course it was due to the Halloween boost, but what a good boost it was! Who knows? Without that Halloween boost, it might've taken the whole six months to reach this goal. If you've already downloaded it, I do hope you read it and enjoy it.
It's not scary at all...or at least I wasn't intending for it to be scary.
Just please leave some feedback when you're done. You can make a comment here or leave a review on Free Ebooks, or even Amazon. I just want to know what you thought of it.

And now...back to the story...

So, yeah. I wasn't really interested in reading and writing.
A Quick Note: I don't have anything against reading or writing as I do think they're very good things for the growth and development of a human.
But, let's just say, I'm easily influenced.

Growing up, my peers didn't really care for reading. They said reading was boring. And so I went along with that. If no one I knew was interested in reading, I wasn't interested either. If being smart was a strange thing, I didn't care to be smart either(which would be the source of my underachieving). So I did what I had to do to get by and I pretty much gave up on reading entirely. When I was in the early years of elementary I read quite a bit(those simple books), but by the time I got older...and books got larger...I became too intimidated by the books to care.
Watching movies, shows, cartoons(and maybe even reading comics/graphic novels)...those were the things I used for entertainment. To me, at that time, books were just not all that interesting. Every book was a struggle...a that I did not want to win.

I didn't really know what was good either. Sometimes I would try to get into reading: I'd pick up a book at random and check it out. When the book wasn't fun for me, I'd just give up on reading altogether.

However, I did love stories. I loved watching movies. The Star Wars trilogy was my favorite. I just had a tough time getting into books. And since no one I knew would read, I wouldn't exactly get any recommendations from anybody. The library is huge! And I'm quite picky about stories. For me...getting into reading was...impossible!

And...that's it for today...
See you next time.