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Monday, October 25, 2010

If you hadn't noticed...

If you hadn't noticed, Awake is up on some website called free-ebooks.
Linky, righty here-y? :

For some reason they still haven't put me up as an author on that site and that makes me :( but whatever... :(

EVEN SO-- that is no reason to :( forever! Why, you ask? Because Awake by "Unknown Author" (a.k.a. Me) has gotten over 400 downloads since its release just a week ago!

Now...I know that may seem like very little, especially when you consider the vast population of the Internet (a.k.a. the World), but I love counters. And it's very exciting to see people download it, even if no one reads it. I'm still considering putting up the Judge, the first book of Coranite Chronicles on that site as well. But maybe it'd be more fun if there was a big goal? Maybe I'll do it if I can get 5,000 downloads on that counter! Yeah, yeah, shameless promotion, I know. But we've gotta try, right?

I think it'd take...about half a year to reach that goal. Plenty of thumb-twiddling in the mean time.