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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whateverization: Open Windows

For today I figured I'd do something different for a change...although I do do (oops?) something different every day.
And so...I shall call this new blog post: Whateverization! It used to be Whateverzitation...but I think Whateverization has a better ring to it.

It's Whateverization and it's [not] sweeping the nation!

Here at CC, we're always quick to make up words that make no sense.
And here's today's fake word of the day: Whateverization.
It's like Whateverizing...but with a tasty "zation."

*waits around in absolute silence*
A-hem...sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself....

Anyway, for today's Whateverization: Open Windows.
Well, maybe not OPEN windows.
What's the word? Not blinded? Revealing? Scantily Clad?
You get the point. Windows let in light. It brightens your day. Ah, but there is a catch. For you see...Windows (Why am I capitalizing it?) are TWO WAYS. You can look out...but others--*shudders*--can look in. You think you're peeking at random strangers through the privacy of your own home...but the same is also true!
So says the wise man of the east(coast)--
"Ah, what a predicament. Ah, what a problem. Whatever shall I do? How can I change in broad daylight? How can I pick my nose without the world and google maps knowing?"

Here are some tips to dealing with this conundrum:
1) Cover windows when you need to - Here's the most logical method. You can cover up your windows! Be it with trees, bushes or other vegetation...or perhaps a less organic way through the use of blankets, blinds, dresser/drawer, etc. However, this is really not all that practical. Unveil, cover, unveil, cover. It's a vicious cycle. Especially if you pick your nose often.

2) Stare back at people - Give them the ol' I'M-WATCHING-YOU-SO-STOP-WATCHING-ME stare. Make'em feel uncomfortable. Might work if your street is in an empty suburban/rural area. It's more effective one on one. Otherwise, you'll be stuck there for hours staring at people who could care less about you.

3) Ignore everyone - This is the laid back approach. You them. You, like, don't do anything and just go about your day. I can't really explain this one as it's pretty self-explanatory. And yeah...not really a solution either.

And there we have it! I hope you (the only person who reads this blog) learned something today. Lemme put up a quick picture to illustrate my point. Blogs look nicer with pictures don't they? But it's too bad that I don't have a I'll just have to use MSPaint. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!