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Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving!

No stats again. I guess it goes down in the morning from time to time. Oh well.
Today is Thanksgiving! It's an awesome day to just give thanks...because, well, thinking about the good things in life will lift your spirits.

Just a moment ago, I smelled smoke. Something was burning! I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could and saw smoke everywhere! But now I can be thankful that I caught it on time. Crisis averted! nose still smells smoke. I think there are smoke particles or something in my nose holes. I wonder if it helps with congestion. Probably not.
So there! There's one thing to be thankful about as I wait for the smoke to clear out of the windows.

There are all sorts of things to be thankful about!

When you're okay and just living a normal thankful you don't have to endure strife!
If you're still alive and well, that's perfect and just swell!
Sure, you might not have the wealth, but who cares about that when you're in good health!
Bah, I hate rhyming.

Anyway...if you think about your troubles and your worries, you'll be grumpy and bitter.
That brings to mind Disney movies, doesn't it? Hakunamatata and the Bare necessities!

Sure, I might look at my situation and be depressed, thinking stuff like: my books will never be liked, or nobody cares even though I put all my heart and soul into these books, or I've only sold about 20something books, or why won't any agents help me get published, or why aren't there any people reviewing my books, or why are the downloads slowing down, or I can't even tell if people are even reading my books-- You get the point.

But at the same time...I look at how far I've gotten and think...who cares? I know at least like five people have read my books. And that's better than none! I've got nearly 9000 downloads on Awake! and I've only put it up a month ago! In terms of hits, it's already surpassed so many other books that came out before it! And the same goes for the Judge!

Slowly (very,very,very slowly) I'm getting exposure. A few people might actually be reading my books! So I gotta be thankful!

I'm not famous, I'm dirt poor, nobody buys my books--But who caaaaaaaaares?
It's been such a blessing to write these books. And I'll never regret doing it.
I may never hit it big time, but at least I know I gave it my all.
I'm going to do my best to finish the first trilogy of the Coranite Chronicles as fast as I can.
And then...unless some miracle happens and I get published for real...I guess I'll just move on.
And I will have greatest dream and passion in life....

EDIT: Numbers are in.

Judge 6758 - a nice boost!
Awake 8910 - yeah, this...ain't going anywhere.