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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Time-wasting

8811 on Awake! Will we break 9000 tomorrow? Probably not. I'd say chances are about 50/50.
And 6004 on the Judge! That's like 400 downloads.
Steadily slowing down? Or totally random?
You decide(I hate when people say that).

Thank you people for downloading my books. If you like them, please leave reviews and spread the word about them. While it's nice to get downloads, I often wonder if anyone is actually reading them.

Ugh. The sickness has returned and it's getting to me. You know the drill: sore throat, congestion. It's not too bad. Nothing a few hot showers and hot soup can't fix.
Anyway, keeping it short again today.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I don't know if I should bother taking a break or not. Probably not necessary. Breaks are useless. Must...keep...moving!

Guardian Progress: 18%
Going to slow down now. Here comes the hard part.

Maybe I'll do a little piece or something tomorrow. See ya then.