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Saturday, November 20, 2010


You'll never guess what happened!
I was going to check Free-Ebooks today to see how the situation was...
And it's DOWN. The website doesn't load! It was working fine yesterday.
I never thought it could go down. But there we have it.
Maybe it's maintenance. Or maybe they had some bad natural disaster at the server.
Whatever it we have no stats to check!
Well, this sucks. don't know what to do...
I mean...STATS were everything! And now...without STATS...uh...uh...

Today is Saturday, and, um, it's a not so beautiful day. It's okay.

You know what? I guess I'll make my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Before I do, some kind words for you people out there:
Thank you for checking out my blog, for downloading my books(perhaps reading them too), for reviewing or commenting on websites, and for those of you who bought my books--Thank you so much!

As you probably know, I don't really have any marketing push(requires MOOLA). And I'm not really sure how enjoyable my books are. But I do hope everyone is enjoying them and...just spread the word. I need all the exposure I can get.

Right now, I decided to make a change of focus. I'm trying to get S3 published, but it's been difficult. And in the meantime, I decided to continue working on the sequel to the Judge.
That's Right! Lemme spell it out for those who skim through:


I know I said that I would finish it if I got the sales, but now I figure I might as well get it over with.
The sequel to the Judge will not be free (sorry for those of you who only go for free stuff...but I would like to get paid for this work).

However, I know that my books were planned for 9. But since not many people really care about Coranite's really not feasible to keep on writing. And so...this sequel to the Judge, which I call the Guardian,...will probably be the last book in the series(And sadly, it will end on a REALLY crazy cliff hanger. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.).

Unless there's suddenly a surge of interest over my books(and people start buying my books), I really don't think I have the motivation to continue writing. I guess...Coranite Chronicles...will be one of those bittersweet things. I was glad to be able to put it out for people to read. But it's kind of sad to see that even if it is free...there's just not much interest in it. Oh well...
While this may be bad news to some (mostly me), let's turn this Sorrow into JOY!

Keep a close watch on this blog as I desperately write like my life depends on it! I'll give updates on how I'm doing with the sequel and I might even throw in a few teaser chapters for those of you folks who really care! I'm also thinking of running a few contests. I have some old copies of the Judge that I need to get rid of (You're not taking my only copy of Awake though :P).

So now, here we go!
Current Progress on the Guardian: 6%
Partial Editing Phase.
Let's see how fast we can get through this!