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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nothing Saturday

Happy Nothing Saturday, everyone! Or maybe just Happy Saturday, when the only thing to celebrate is another day of life.

Anyway, I'm sure you're all stuffed full of turkey...for days and days.
And you've probably spent all your money in hopes of saving it (that's what deals are all about!).
So while your stomachs are full and your wallets are empty, welcome back to the blog(and to the grind)!

The Holidays really haven't made much change in my downloads. Still about the same I suppose.
Judge 7620 - 400ish boost? Still good.
Awake 9464 -200ish boost? Its got legs, y'all! (Southern talk, which I'm terrible at)

We had a feast this year! 15 attended our annual Thanksgiving feast (including dogs and babies of course).
But that's bigger than normal.

To be honest I didn't get much writing done over the past two days. But I did do some story planning. The Guardian isn't exactly shaping up nicely, but I do hope, after some heavy revision, that the final product will be worth it.

Still debating whether to make the Guardian free, or just make it cheap.