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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sun of the Beach

All right. Now this is getting awkward. What is going on here?
Just yesterday I was pretty sure no one was visiting this blog.
Now...I'm flabbergasted (do people really say that?).
Ah, who cares. I'll continue with my usual waste-of-time blog posts.
Current Sales status: No Change. :( :( :(
Current downloads: We've hit 100 on the Judge! WOW...sloooow.
Getting 7600 downloads on Awake now seems like a complete miracle.

I guess I'll do a personal top ten list for today.
(People like top ten lists...or so I've heard. Everybody's doing it.)
So here are my top ten common words that sound weird when I think about it:

10) Wow - Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way. But I imagine Wow to have an extra sound to it. Wow(ooo?) Not an "oh" sound but an "oo" sound...or maybe "uu"? Wowuu? Wowuu? Uh...Okay, time to move on.

9) Titular - People use this a lot, online. I'm just glad this word isn't all that common in everyday life.

8) Menial - Eeny, meeny, miney, mo? Catch the tiger--okay, that's enough of that. Menial sounds mean (Neal?).

7) Penalize (see 9 for related awkwardness) - Granted, there are two ways of saying this word. But I will always remember the way my teacher used to say it. "PEENALIZE! YOU'LL BE PEENALIZED!" God bless him.

6) Shampoo - There's perhaps a trend forming here. Soap's okay. Lotion's all right. Conditioner sounds a bit...mechanical, but he's fine too. Body wash is...simple. But shampoo? I really should look up the etymology for this one. Well...regardless, some days I'll just take a bottle of shampoo and stare at it. And then I think to myself...why...why shampoo? Sham...poo? Sham...poo? Shams are poo? Shamu? Does Shamu use Shampoo?

Speaking of killer whales: Hmm...they say dolphins and whales are mammals, right? Aside from hair/fur a requirement for mammals too? Do dolphins have (tiny) hair? I need to google this. But at the same time...I don't care that much about it. I want to know...but I'm not dying to know(and I'm kinda lazy) maybe it's best to just leave it up to the wonderful world of imagination.

Oh gosh...maybe I should've just left this as a top 5 instead. This is killing me. Yeah. I think I'll just end it there.

Have a good Sunday everyone. And don't...don't bother saying Sun of the Beach out loud.