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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ways to Support the Cause

I know it's been pretty quiet here (so quiet even crickets dare not chirp), but I'll just keep on posting anyway!

As you (whoever you are) probably know, my books aren't very popular. I've just been trying various little ways to get the word out there. But apparently it's not too effective. That's why I need your help (whoever you are)! Even if you can't or won't buy a book, you can still help (whoever you are)!

Here are some simple ways to SUPPORT THE CAUSE:
1) Tell people about it/Pass on a copy of a book
2) Give reviews. You can do that on Amazon, on the Free-Ebooks site, on your own site/blog, or even something like Shelfari.
3) Post recommendations on message boards.
4) Twitter? Okay, so I don't really know how this one works. But try a hash tag. Whenever you make a new Tweet, just tag on #coranite
In fact, I think I'll go do that right now.
5) There is no five. HA.

And that's all for today. Until next time, random denizens of the Internet...HAPPY WHATEVER!