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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In opposite world...the mirror doesn't reflect you...YOU REFLECT THE MIRROR (Opposite world's starting to sound a lot like Soviet Russia).
I figured it'd be easier to interpret a bad drawing through straight lines rather than mouse-scribble.

Anyway, forget opposite world. Today I will tell you all about a fantasy story I imagined while I was growing up in a segment I'd like to call: REJECTED STORY IDEAS!!!111!!!111!!!
So...when I was in middle school...I made up this really stupid story. Basically it starts off with this kid that falls into a hole at a construction site. It was a portal into another weird fantasy world. While he's there, some crazy woman, dressed as an office lady, turns out to be a powerful wizard(ess?) and tries to roast the poor soul with classic fire balls. Then some dude on a staff flies into the sky and, spinning the staff around like a fan, deflects the fire balls..and then disappears.

I'm not going to go into too much detail. But here we go with the super-fast-very-shortened edition!
So the kid (we'll call him Cole...'cause that's what everybody calls him)finds out he's the CHOSEN ONE(WHOA! SHOCKER!) and begins a quest to destroy the dark lord that terrorized the land. He meets a cute girl (WHOA! DOUBLE SHOCKER!) and starts looking for other companions to join him. He finds a lightning sword (WHOA! A REAL SHOC--never got old fast) and uses that to toast up all the monsters. Then, with all his companions, he flies into the castle in the sky and launches and all-out order to DESTROY EVIL!

He thinks all is fine and dandy, and so he goes back home after celebrating the victory. However, as he begins to readjust to normal life...monsters start arriving all over the world! A portal was opened from the fantasy world...and the master of the dark lord has come back to GET HIS REVENGE! The world is overwhelmed as monsters begin destroying everything...and even the armies of the world cannot win against the might of the horde. But Cole won't let this go down without a fight! Picking up his lightning sword once again, Cole rallies his friends from the other world and begins the next world-destroying war. He manages to save some armies from being destroyed and begins to build an army of his own. After rescuing a group of scientists from annihilation, Cole gets his hands on an experimental laser cannon and protective mechanized suit. He has his army mass produce this equipment and uses these super soldiers to clear the way to the master dark lord's lair. And then him up.

To be continued! (Or not...)