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Monday, November 22, 2010

Have at thee, sickness! I spit in thine face!

A late post today. Normally I try to just make a post in the morning, but today was a bit different because I felt a bit sick in the morning. But it's gone now, I think. I don't like to take medicine for sickness because I feel that medicine inhibits the body from doing its duty...and thus you'll be sick longer (that's what I think, but feel free to disagree). So I just gave it the full natural force of anti-sickness: herbs, hot tea, nap, hot (and spicy) soup, water, weird concoction of orange mush of only-God-knows-what, some prayer. And now I'm fine and it's back to business.

So...once again, just a few reminders. I was thinking of doing that contest thingy to promote my books. It's going to start in December and I'll make a full announcement of rules and everything then. Next, downloads:
So, we did it! We reached 5000! Woohoo! Yay! Yes! Yah! Yatta! Hurray! Wonderful! Spectacular! Awesome! Amazing! Super cool! Super everything!

The Guardian (Coranite Chronicles Sequel) Progress: 10%.

For those of you new here, check in everyday for more stats, updates, and everything. I might put up some more information on the Judge. But that'll be for another day. MAYBE TOMORROW.
And as always, if you've got any questions, comments, just put them on up. I'll try to reply to everything. Thanks for visiting and have another super awesome day!