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Friday, November 12, 2010


7400 downloads on Awake. We're tiptoeing all the way now. I've decided to keep at S3, polishing it and revising the materials. So favorable replies from the agents. I'm trying to stay optimistic...but *sigh*
Sometimes I wonder if maybe my stories just aren't interesting enough. Well, there is a LOT of competition out there. Even putting out my books for free doesn't seem to draw any attention. It's like pitting a little itty bitty ant against the biggest dinosaur that ever lived.

Bah hum buggy, buggy, buggy. :( :( :(

Oh Welch's grape juice (not a fan...).
And now...for the MAIN EVENT!

So...once again I've forgot where I last was. But that's okay. Right? I've probably beat that stuffed toy horse to death (keeping it clean) anyway.

When I first started drawing up the concept for the JUDGE, it wasn't for a novel. It was for a graphic novel. I wanted to DRAW the JUDGE and enter it into some tokyopop competition. For eight (EIGHT!) years I trained myself to draw. I was not born or gifted with any artistic talents. Still, I really, truly desired to create a story...and it was either books or comics. And I preferred visuals.

Day after day, night after night, class after and training (I couldn't write legible notes in class anyway). I studied the world around me, I mimicked art styles...I cramped my hands...until I could finally draw something that I was...really not all that proud of....


Desire...passion...all that fueled me...was extinguished when the grim reality of my predicament struck me down with its bare, bloody fists.

All I was left with...was a concept. THE JUDGE. The assassins of justice! People who could appear at any moment, silencing villains without anyone knowing, purging this universe of EVIL. But I had no way of bringing it to life...

*sigh* and *sigh again*

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen--oh forget it...I'm not breaking into a song.