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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coco's First Episodo?

Conando has finally had his premiere episode of his new show: Conan!
It was a good first episode and it's really just an eye-opening experience to see him back again on TV. I'm a huge fan of his show and his style of comedy. And it's such a relief that he's back. Seriously, I don't watch much TV at all...and this is one of the few shows I do watch. The problem? I don't have cable. But that's just fine because they put the full episode up on the website! I'll now have one more smile to add to my everyday life.

As for our current situation.

Sales of the Judge have returned to normal (in other words...not really selling? *SAD FACE*).

Oh well, October was our best month in months. Thank you people who have bought my books on Kindle. You guys are THE BEST AND THE SUPER AWESOMEST. I'll flatter you all 'til the day I keep buying!

Downloads on free-ebooks have broken the 7100 barrier. Our next goal is 10,000! So if you like it, please recommend it to all the people you think would like that kind of book.

And finally, if you remember a while back, I said that if we reached 5000 downloads I'd put up the Judge for free? Well here we go! I'm going to put it up on this site first. I've decided to just call it Coranite Chronicles for now because the main title might throw some people off. It's a fantasy series with some sci-fi elements. And calling it "THE JUDGE" doesn't really have that kind of feel. I mean, the title makes sense for the story, but for those who judge(haha) a book by its title or cover, it'll be a hard sell. So HERE WE GOOOOOOOO! Coranite Chronicles for free! Of course buying the books will not be in vain because I need YOUR support if I want to keep on writing. So don't hesitate to grab a copy any way you can (and if you know me personally I got a few paperback copies left that I need to get rid of).